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Homework answers / question archive / GW Health System (GWHS) is a 500-bed hospital built to serve a suburban community of one million residents

GW Health System (GWHS) is a 500-bed hospital built to serve a suburban community of one million residents

Health Science

GW Health System (GWHS) is a 500-bed hospital built to serve a suburban community of one million residents. 50 are in the intensive care unit (ICU) of the beds. Over the last 15 years, the community has grown to over one million residents supported by GWHS and four urgent care facilities. With the urgent care facilities able to address many of the population’s non-emergency issues, there is an increase in the ratio between the hospital’s non-ICU facilities and its ICU facilities. During the COVID-19 pandemic and in a typical week, the ICU operates at 120% capacity, and 40% of patients experience a six- to eight-hour delay transferring to the ICU. The patients remain either in the emergency department, creating an overcrowded emergency department, or in post-op, causing overcrowding and delays in scheduled surgeries. Through the COVID-19 stimulus federal grant, the hospital received $15 million in funding and is considering expanding the ICU; however, the CEO is not convinced that expanding the ICU department is the right hospital solution. The analysis is to include options that combine expanding the ICU department by using remote ICU monitoring. The ICU senior staff brought you in as a consultant to build a business case to support the decision to expand the ICU and use remote ICU monitoring. You will work with the ICU’s senior staff to build a business case and present it to the CEO and board of directors for final consideration. There will be great emphasis on data and analyses supporting your recommendation. Because of this, you need to use data derived from informed or objective sources or evidence-based data to build the recommendation. The CEO will want to know the sources, validity, and reliability of the evidence presented. As you create your business case, there are several options to consider: Subscribe to remote ICU monitoring services with a per usage model so that you only pay for services as they are rendered. Expand the ICU with a combination of ICU beds and regular beds managed by the bedside and remote ICU monitoring. Expand the ICU with ICU rooms managed by bedside teams. Expand the ICU and subscribe to remote ICU monitoring for rooms that will serve patients with more serious conditions. A 15- to 20-slide PowerPoint Presentation includes extensive speaker notes (100 words minimum per content slide) and 10 current high-quality references, including five (5) from peer-reviewed journals. APA Format for your ppt. The slide count does not include the title and references slide.

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