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Homework answers / question archive / Directions 5)Final Paper (50 points)

Directions 5)Final Paper (50 points)


Directions 5)Final Paper (50 points). Font size 12, black ink, No cover page (start on page 1), double-spaced, and about 3 to 5 pages long. You will post it on a column in Blackboard “Final paper.” You will write a university-level paper. You will write a paper about World Regional Geography. You should write in your own words what and how you learned in this course. Exactly what is World Regional Geography? How would you explain this to your grandmother, a sister, or a roommate of yours? What is geography? What are cultural landscapes and physical landscapes? Explain. Use specific examples for each section. Why are the 5 themes of geography important? How does that make any sense regarding how we learn about the world? How does looking through human-environmental inter-relationships help us understand natural resources and demographics? What does it all mean? What is the role of geo-politics and economics in these relationships? What was your personal favorite aspect of World Regional Geography and your least favorite? How have you learned about the local and the global at the same time? Don’t filibuster, just be straightforward. What did you get out of World Regional Geography that will help you understand world processes better? If you want to cite any source, use proper citation format, any type as long as it is consistent. Youtube and Wikipedia are NOT valid academic sources (look up how to cite and what is a valid academic source). Book used for this course: essentials of world regional geography Sections learned: 1 Essentials of World Regional Geography 2 Europe 3 Russia and Neighboring Countries 4 East Asia 5 Southeast Asia 6 South Asia 7 Northern Africa and Southwestern Asia 8 Sub-Saharan Africa 9 Australia, Oceania and Antarctica 10 Latin America 11 North America

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