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Homework answers / question archive / Need an research paper on product development sequence

Need an research paper on product development sequence


Need an research paper on product development sequence. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism. This accelerated new product development forces the companies to incorporate new innovated technologies into the products to achieve innovation success and improve profitability (Filippini et al, 2004). The e-business research field has enabled the businesses to emerge more and more e-business theories, applications and technologies to outline and stimulate information into research and business communities. It allows the businesses to form competitive and effective growth in product development.

During the studies, the researchers found many ways in which the e-business applications can be applied. The time efficiency was influenced by a number of factors in the organizations including standardization, supplier partnership, concurrent engineering and cross-functional teams. However the synergistic approach suggested that the key factor to the concurrent engineering was teamwork, and on the other hand it was emphasized that the cross-functional teams would have greater influence on the product development time performance if they are communicated well. Thus this is where the technological emerges.

Many of the research methods including theoretical, experimental, case and survey research methods are used in order to advance the business methods used in new product development. They enhance the e-business techniques as an emerging technology into the growth of the business, and help in bringing the product to an established level. As many companies saw the increased potential benefits of the e-business., they have now begun to capitalize in it. E-business reinforces the use of information and communications in every business activity. It also enables the business to focus on the use of information and communication to interact with the external activities of the business and form relationships with external groups and individuals for their new product development sequence.

Project managers usually ensure better product performances if the communication technologies are efficiently used. Thus, e-business technologies that enhance the networking amongst drivers and external links can bring a boost in the growth of the new product development. Many of these technologies have recently emerged in many businesses and formed a successful interaction link between all those who are joined in the product development. These technologies are introduced in order to improve the teamwork which would eventually reduce the time performance for each product and will enable the concurrent engineering to be carried out (Brown, 2004).

The new innovated technologies that enabled stronger communication were the use of better communications devices which were new, modern and much easier to use than other communication methods.

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