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Homework answers / question archive / Technology & Trend Monitoring Assessment should be submitted as a single Word (MS Word) file

Technology & Trend Monitoring Assessment should be submitted as a single Word (MS Word) file


Technology & Trend Monitoring

Assessment should be submitted as a single Word (MS Word) file.

Must use the AU Harvard Referencing method. Maximum word count: 5,000 words.

Assignment Task

There has been rapid advancement in technology during the past decade. Communication technologies have evolved from wired to wireless, and with 5G, the mobile data speeds will match broadband-like speeds. Computing devices and their capabilities have evolved to the current smart phones with the CPU and memory to match desktop computers. In addition, smartphones have various sensors such as ambient sensors, gyroscope, accelerometer, cameras, microphones etc that have resulted in many innovative applications and technologies. Similarly, there has been rapid advancement in embedded devices and sensor technologies that enable bridging of the virtual world with the real physical world.

In this context, you are expected to write an industry-style report on the following current and emerging technologies that is enabling the connected future. The report should address the following questions:

1) Critically evaluate the emerging trends relating to mobile and wireless technologies within Information Technology landscape. Your discussion should particularly address the Mobile Edge Computing as an emerging technology, the technical features, service offerings etc. You are expected to discuss how it will impact the IT landscape as it exists today. (20 marks)

2) In the same context as the previous question, critically review the Big Data technologies and challenges associated with it. Your answer should discuss how Big data impacts the existing Information systems. (20 marks)

3) The emergence of many short-range communication technologies such as NFC and ZigBee have enabled many innovative applications. In this context, describe the technologies enabling “Smart Home”. Your discussion should address the technology enablers of smart home and the possible challenges such as problems of automation and data privacy. (25 marks)

4) Cyber security threats and challenges are bound to multiply with the increasing connectivity and with smart connected applications. Briefly discuss the emerging security challenges, new threat vectors and vulnerabilities. Your discussion should also address any one emerging security mechanisms / technologies to counter-measure these new threats. Your discussion should be well supported by illustrations where appropriate and backed by valid academic references. (25 marks)

5) Language, formatting, presentation and use of referencing. (10 marks).

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