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Homework answers / question archive / Shelly Cashman Word 2019 | Module 7: SAM Project 1b Forward Financial Planners Creating a newsletter GETTING STARTED Open the file SC_WD19_7b_FirstLastName_1

Shelly Cashman Word 2019 | Module 7: SAM Project 1b Forward Financial Planners Creating a newsletter GETTING STARTED Open the file SC_WD19_7b_FirstLastName_1

MS Word

Shelly Cashman Word 2019 | Module 7: SAM Project 1b

Forward Financial Planners

Creating a newsletter

  • Open the file SC_WD19_7b_FirstLastName_1.docx, available for download from the SAM website.
  • Save the file as SC_WD19_7b_FirstLastName_2.docx by changing the “1” to a “2”.
    • If you do not see the .docx file extension in the Save As dialog box, do not type it. The program will add the file extension for you automatically.
  • To complete this SAM Project, you will also need to download and save the following data files from the SAM website onto your computer:
    • Support_WD19_7b_Budget.docx
    • Support_WD19_7b_Progress.png
  • With the file SC_WD19_7b_FirstLastName_2.docx still open, ensure that your first and last name is displayed in the footer.
    • If the footer does not display your name, delete the file and download a new copy from the SAM website.
  1. As an executive assistant for Forward Financial Planners, you help to produce issues of the monthly newsletter, which is emailed to clients. You are updating the newsletter with a new nameplate and other graphical elements.

    Convert the text "In the Money" at the top of the page to WordArt using the Fill: Green, Accent color 4; Soft Bevel option in the WordArt gallery.
  2. Format the WordArt shape as follows so it fills the space at the top of the newsletter:
    1. Change the text wrapping to Top and Bottom.
    2. Resize the WordArt to a height of 0.8" and a width of 7".
  3. Format the WordArt text as follows to draw attention to the nameplate:
    1. Change the font to Verdana.
    2. Change the font size to 42 point.
    3. Change the text fill color by applying the Bottom Spotlight - Accent 4 preset gradient fill color (4th column, 4th row in the Preset gradients dropdown).
    4. Apply the Warp Down text effect from the Warp section of the Transform gallery. [Mac Hint: Can Down]
  4. Insert a Continuous section break at the beginning of the first body paragraph ("A budget is a tool…five general steps.") to prepare for setting the article text into columns.
  5. Apply a newsletter format to the article text as follows:
    1. Format the content after the section break so it is displayed in three columns.
    2. Change the column width to 2.2".
  6. To include a professional typeface element, add a drop cap as follows:
    1. Format the first letter in the article text (the "A" in "A budget is…") as a drop cap using the Dropped style.
    2. Change the font color of the drop cap to Lime, Accent 3.
  7. Complete the SmartArt in column 2 by inserting the picture Support_WD19_7b_Progress.png in the picture placeholder for the "Track progress" shape.
  8. Call attention to a key point using a text box as follows:
    1. In the dark green text box shape on page 2, insert text as an object from the file Support_WD19_7b_Budget.docx without copying and pasting the text.
    2. Resize the text box to a height of 1.9" and a width of 2.1".
    3. Move the text box to an absolute horizontal position of 4.9" to the right of the Margin and an absolute vertical position of 3.7" below the Margin to balance the page.
  9. Insert a Column break at the beginning of the "4. Automate Your Savings" heading paragraph to move the heading to the top of column 3.
  10. Format and reposition the company's logo at the end of the document as follows so all of the newsletter content fits on one page:
    1. Crop the picture to remove the purple rectangle.
    2. Rotate the picture so that the word "Forward" is oriented correctly as text.
    3. Change the position of the picture to Bottom Center with Square Text Wrapping.
    4. Move the anchor of the picture to the beginning of the paragraph "Record your income…and savings tool." at the bottom of column 2.

Your document should look like the Final Figure on the following pages. Save your changes, close the document, and then exit Word. Follow the directions on the SAM website to submit your completed project.

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