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Homework answers / question archive / General Directions: There are two parts to this exam

General Directions: There are two parts to this exam


General Directions: There are two parts to this exam. Part I consists of a single essay question that EVERYONE must answer. Part II consists of four essay questions, but only one (1) should be answered. Be sure to respond in essay form and stay focused on the prompt. An essay has an introduction paragraph, followed by a body of paragraphs, and ending with a conclusion paragraph. The response should be an essay, not a collection of quotations. Textual quotations are necessary for adequate support, but use of paraphrasing and personal interpretation also shows a deeper grasp of the material. A complete essay seems to require four utilized pages, but there is no requirement. The responses must be typed, double-spaced, and in 10-12 font. Part I: Directions: Everyone must respond to the following prompt in a coherent essay. This essay is worth 50% of the final grade on this exam. Thucydides two main characters throughout the Peloponnesian War have been Athens and Sparta. These two city-states represent the historical idea of democracy and oligarchy. What are the strengths and weaknesses of these two characters throughout the Peloponnesian War? How does their interaction amplify or downplay these strengths and weaknesses? In the end do you believe that Thucydides favors one over the other, in general or specific circumstances, and where do you arrive at the end? Part II: Directions: Respond to any ONE (1) of the following four prompts in a coherent essay. Please read all the options before deciding your response choice. The essay is worth 50% of the final grade on this exam. One of the questions below has a +5 bonus attached to it, meaning if you respond to it, an automatic five points is added to your grade. A. Alcibiades is one of the great characters of Greek history. He is connected most often with Athens and democracy, but he moved between regime types rather easily. What does the character of Alcibiades and his movement through the Peloponnesian War tell us about these regime types and how do you think Alcibiades would fair in the modern world? (Hint: this question is very enticing, like Alcibiades, but be very careful to not simply recite the history of Alcibiades as that is NOT responsive to the question.) B. The Athenian assembly makes multiple appearances in Thucydides’ history of the Peloponnesian War. How does the Athenian assembly compare to the American public in terms of governing decisions, such as electing representation and deciding on the best course of action in a policy area? C. Select any two human characters in the Peloponnesian War – but NOT Alcibiades, see question A. Compare and contrast these two characters on any dimension you wish and discuss what lessons these characters from the Peloponnesian War may offer us in the year 2021. Some suggested questions may be: What role do they play in their society? What role do they play in the larger War? What character traits do they display? D. Select any single quotation from the Peloponnesian War. Discuss its meaning within Thucydides’ work. This certainly requires discussion of its meaning in the specific context, but also its larger meaning in the work. In addition, discuss how the quotation may hold a lesson for us reading it in the twenty-first century. You may absolutely chose any quotation, but here are some suggestions you are free to use: 1.84[3] We are both….obey them. 2.8[1] Zeal is always…of its leading cities 3.37[3] The most alarming feature…their more gifted fellows 3.82[8] Thus religion was in honor…suffer them to escape. 4.65[4] So thoroughly had…strength with their hopes. 1.22[4] And we do not know…or of vigilance 2.63[2] For what you hold is…let it go is unsafe 3.46[4] We must not,…to careful administration. 4.19[2] Indeed if …conditions than expected.

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