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Homework answers / question archive / Assignment 1 For the extra credit, either print and scan or do digitally

Assignment 1 For the extra credit, either print and scan or do digitally


Assignment 1

For the extra credit, either print and scan or do digitally. With one color highlighter, I want you to highlight all the areas where you can omit a word, sentence, or even paragraph. With another highlighter, highlight the areas where the word choice can be improved (look for words that are more creative and thoughtful...avoid "basic" phrasing). Lastly, look at the overall structure of your paper: Are there appropriate paragraph breaks (if not, signify where you'd make a break)? Are the paragraphs too short and choppy? Is the paper organized in a way that makes sense? Should you shuffle things up a bit to create a stronger paper?

Also -------------------------------------------------------- complete journal 10

Assignment 2

Journal 10

Okay, for this journal, I want you on reflect on this semester (more specifically, this class) and answer the following questions:

Please answer each question with a specific and thoughtful response.

1. What is one thing that you learned about yourself and the writing process?

2. What is something you've improved upon?

3. What is something you wish you did differently?

4. What was your favorite part of this course?

5. What is something that you'd like to see differently for this course?

These questions are based on the writing course (RWS305W)


Oraha 1 Juliana Oraha April 3, 2021 An Impact of Dancing in my Life Ask everyone in my neighborhood about the dancing girl, and everyone will point towards our house's direction. Dancing, ballet, and singing have always been my passions for as long as I can remember. One time in kindergarten, my mother was in the kitchen, and I had just bumped into the living room after hearing some beats from my bedroom. Upon arrival, I found it was some music playing on the television. What caught my eye was how the dancers had beautiful choreography that I just found myself copying. From that time onwards, I would eagerly wait for my parents to turn on the screen, and I would be so stubborn until they found a station with music. As time passed, my parents noticed my passion and decided to enroll me in a dance class few blocks away, and I have never been so happy. After school, I went home to change and have some snacks where my mother would drop me for my classes. Even after I broke my leg after falling from a platform that I was training on, I felt so sad that I asked God to heal my leg every day so that I could dance again. I remember my mother was forced to take any musical instrument from my room, and I was bedridden as she thought I would never heal properly as even with an injured leg; I was still pushing myself to dance. As I was joining my high school, I had become a perfect dancer, and my ballet balance was improving. I joined the school drama club, where I realized that I am yet to reach my goal. The club kids were good in almost everything, but they always encouraged me to catch up soon and get more perfect. Then one day, Oraha 2 something I did not expect happened. The school was organized for music festivals when our group decided to dance while the rest were to perform an act. One evening after the practice, I headed home when I saw our drama club teacher hurrying in my direction. Nervously, I decided to wait for her, but she told me she had something to talk to me about. I gasped for air, and I wanted to ask her if something was wrong, but her smile reassured me that it was okay. When she opened her mouth to speak, she told me something that I was never expecting. She told me that she had noticed that I was such an ambitious dancer and my ballet moves elevated everyone's mood whenever I combined the two. She, therefore, wanted me to be the choreographer for my team, which I hesitantly agreed to. During the day of the competition, my team won, and as the guest speaker was handing the trophy to us, he asked where I derived the inspirations, and I just smiled and told him that I gather them from my mind because dancing is all I love to do, and the room was roaring in applause. I proceeded to tell the audience that dancing is a part of me, and the lyrics in the songs complete it all, just like the sweet sound of a harmonica playing. Once I stepped out of the platform, I felt like the doors to my future opened, and the angel led me to my success, standing right in front of me. To date, I can say that my journey with music and dancing has always been the lyrics to my heart, and I am proud that I have won several awards between my middle school through high school. It's been many years when I have remained as the people's favorite dancer, and even if now I am a grown-up, music and dancing are still a part of me, and I am also planning to pass it to my children. I would love them to learn the art of dance and ballet like me because I have realized that dancing made my childhood memories, and the days I spent dancing, I can say they are the most beautiful days of my life. Lastly, my passion for dancing has kept me Oraha 3 healthy, and it is for this I recommend my future children and anyone else to practice and embrace dance as it is such beautiful art. Music and dancing make one active. I remember since I was a little kid, I have been so active. I have been social and interacting with different people. I do not face challenges or any difficulty meeting and interacting with new people. Dancing is a way of staying fit for people of all ages, shapes, and sizes. It allows people to develop creative and physical skills. Physical skills are fundamental to one's body. Since I learned the different physical skills from dancing, I have been healthy. I remember in early childhood, I usually wanted to try new skills each day. This, in turn, had a significant impact on my life. It helped my body to build a healthier composition. It also helps my muscles and bones to be stronger. Significantly when I broke my leg, I recovered very fast and became stronger. Dancing also improved my cardiovascular fitness. When we were dancing with my team during my high school life, we used to try new dancing styles each summer. Therefore, this helped us to develop better motor skills and concentration, and thinking skills. In class, we were very active because of the physical activities we used to try every day in the dancing process. Therefore, I recommend dancing to be integrated into young children’s life since it creates a foundation of movement and activity that they will carry for the rest of their lives. Children who have a higher level of physical activities such as dancing are more likely to be more active in their entire life. This is very important for their wellbeing and health benefits (Chatterjee et al. 41). In contrast, dancing also relieved my stress and made my mind to be more relaxed. Like any other form of cardio exercise, dancing helped me in relieving my stress. This is simply because my friends and I used to be happy when dancing. It was fun and festive connecting with friends and learning new skills each day. Dancing is not only fun but also a form of exercise. Many experts argue that exercises relieve stress; hence, dancing relieves our stress and relaxes our minds as any other part of the exercise. Dancing makes one be engaged with fun; hence, they learn that they are Oraha 4 not aware of the many exercises they are attaining when dancing. Dancing has mood-enhancing benefits since it allows the body to release chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers. These chemicals help one to have a relaxed mind. I have never struggled to get asleep during bedtime in my entire life, which means that I have reduced stress. Therefore, please put on your dancing shoes and pants, and let's get moving! Listening to music also reduces stress. The soothing powers of listening to music have been documented. Experts argue that music is used in hospitals to sooth patients before and after surgeries. Music and dancing moves help people tap into the power of self-expression. In my entire life, I have never been overweight. This is because dancing helps me with the weight loss mechanism. Dancing helps one burn a good number of calories since the different dancing styles and moves usually rely on muscle strength. Therefore, the diffrent5 dancing styles I have been practicing have helped my body build lean muscle mass responsible for burning fat and tone your muscles. There are different types of dancing styles that are potential for weight loss, such as salsa and ballet. Different activity places such as the gyms offer classes for weight loss lessons through dancing. Dancing is a way of boosting one's fitness and weight loss. Hence, I recommend that all people who are trying to lose weight to engage themselves in dancing styles. They need to be interested in specific types of dance classes (Predovan et al., 165). It is not easy to make and meet new friends. In the world of music and dancing, I have met and made long-lasting friendships. Being a teenager, I admit and appraise that not all teens have an easy time making friends and socializing. Several problems arise when in an under-socialized teen. However, music and dancing, it was a sure way to get my teen socializing positively and in a more productive way. I meet new friends, which improves and boosts my self-esteem when having fun through music and dancing. I, therefore, recommend music and dancing to teenagers and as well as everybody. The old and the adults also need music and dancing. Through music and dancing, the adults and the old can boost their social life. They will be able to meet new people and have fun Oraha 5 with them. They will also boost their physical fitness through dancing or maybe meet exceptional people in their lives who might change their life. Through music, one can meet like-minded people who share their love of dance and music. Parents also need music and dancing. Parents tend to forget about themselves. Music and dancing connect different parents through the world. My parents, sometimes, during their free time, usually attend dance classes. This helps them meet and connect with other parents in the same class, making them reap all the positive benefits music and dancing can offer. Music and dancing have made me have better coordination, agility, and flexibility. Other than taking dance as my passion, I also take it as a way to keep fit. It is has boosted my mind, improved my flexibility, and reduced my stress. Many dancing styles which I usually practice, such as hip hop dance style, are full-body workouts. They usually provide my body with tremendous impacts on my flexibility and emotional wellbeing. This has made me be looked at dancing as an exercise of improving and boosting my flexibility. Dance increases our body's circulation, which boosts one's confidence (Kudlacek et al., 480). I remember the time we won a competition with my team; the speaker was amazed by my confidence in how I responded to his question despite the roaring of the room. Balance is one crucial thing for dancers. Having a firm center of gravity to work off helps me to be a great dancer. This is the reason behind my success as a dancer. The different plies and arabesques I practice, such as the ballet, are not just for show. They are essential in my dancing career. They have helped me to have increased flexibility, and they have also reduced stiffness within my body. Flexibility reduces pain in my joints and post-exercise aching. It has also helped me in having improved coordination and agility. Dancing is all about flexibility. The more one practices different styles, the more they become flexible. Flexibility also reduces the risks of injury. I realized that the time I broke my leg, I was not flexible enough. This Oraha 6 made me practice more and more on different styles to be more flexible. Besides, it has helped me maneuver my body in multiple positions, which helps me avoid injuries. In my conclusion, music and dancing are very important in child development and one's life. It increases flexibility and coordination among the adult. Children also need to be introduced to dancing classes since they require physical activities, making them more active. Dancing is a form of physical activity. People need to learn and participate in dancing. It's more fun and makes one meet new people and create long-lasting friendships. Oraha 7 Work cited Chatterjee, Surjani, et al. "Impact of dancing on obesity indices on Bengalee female adolescents of Kolkata." American Journal of Sports Science and Medicine 2.5A (2014): 40-44. Predovan, David, et al. "Effects of dancing on cognition in healthy older adults: A systematic review." Journal of Cognitive Enhancement 3.2 (2019): 161-167. Kudlacek, Stefan, et al. "The impact of a senior dancing program on spinal and peripheral bone mass1." American journal of physical medicine & rehabilitation 76.6 (1997): 477-481.

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