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Homework answers / question archive / Need an research paper on analysis of the by varlam shalamov: kolyma tales

Need an research paper on analysis of the by varlam shalamov: kolyma tales


Need an research paper on analysis of the by varlam shalamov: kolyma tales. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism. The Soviet Century is one which is depicted by the conflict of political powers and the way in which this affected the population of Russia. When looking at the different stories and areas of content, it can be seen that the century led to controversies in trying to rise to power, while at the same time compromising the humanity of those that were living in the country.

The first problem that is accounted for in Shalamov’s book is that of single party revolutionary politics. The controversy which arose was based on the ability for specific individuals to gain power without having opposition or choice to the changes which could occur in society. An example of this is seen through the situation which occurs through the short story of “Condensed Milk.” Shestakov is the main leader in the labor camp and is known for giving the individuals condensed milk in turn for the work that is done. The revolution is represented by Shestakov getting those in the camp to believe that he will assist them with the labor, specifically winning their side by giving them rations of the milk when they are starving. However, it is also found that Shestakov is trying to get those in the camp to become sacrifices through either labor or death and is working to destroy most, specifically by showing them they could revolt through an escape, then turn everyone in. “He’d make for an escape and turn everyone in. That was crystal clear. He’d pay for his office job with our blood, with my blood. They’d either kill us there, at Black Springs or bring us in alive and give us an extra sentence – ten or fifteen years. He couldn’t help but know that there was no escape.&nbsp. But the milk, the condensed milk” (Shalamov, 83).&nbsp.

This passage shows how there is a direct relation to the revolution that has no escape, or which only has one party.&nbsp. However, it can also be noted that there is a sense of being attached to this revolt because of the need to survive, such as having the condensed milk given in return. Those in society then fell into the trap of the one-sided revolution, specifically because it was better than any other option and no other option was given. Another concept associated with the concept of politics was with the Stalinist ideals which made the problems of the Soviet Union remain at a higher controversial level. The nature of Stalinism is seen repeatedly throughout the text and shows the socialist structure of becoming involved with individuals to control the outcome. For instance, Stalin interferes when Captain Tolly marries a foreigner, telling him to marry again and that the marriage is void, specifically to control the position of the Captain (334). Other instances refer to the inability to be released from the labor camps, suffering from beatings, and the violent outbreaks with workers that were overlooked because of Stalin’s attitude toward creating the country. At the same time, the capabilities Stalin had as a leader through his power could instantly override problems within the camps or those in the country, specifically because of the close controls which he had. For instance, when a labor camp beating breaks out, Stalin interferes and the entire scenario is changed within 24 hours (454). This shows the power and the nature that the political leader had during his reign. The political realms that show how those in Soviet Russia weren’t able to change the political powers also led to the attempts to create a new culture and to move against the orders that were a part of the region.

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