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Homework answers / question archive / Write 5 pages thesis on the topic tiger mom education is good

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic tiger mom education is good


Write 5 pages thesis on the topic tiger mom education is good. Asian parents believe that with the right form of intervention, children can excel in different activities. Asian parenting is very different from what is practiced in western countries. A Chinese professor at Yale University named Amy Chua authored a text that appraised the Chinese style of rearing children. The professor is specific that she uses the technique in her household, ensuring that her children deliver an exemplary performance in school and their music classes. There has been an ongoing controversy on whether tiger mom education is better than the Western style of parenting and education. Evidently, the tiger mom style seems to have more benefits, a factor that proves it is a better model than the Western style of parenting.

Tiger moms present their children with high expectations, a factor that instills self-belief in them. As Professor Chua highlights, Chinese parents make it clear that they expect exemplary performance from their children. They are not impressed by any grades lower than A. They do not entertain any skill that is not perfect. Placing high expectations on their children without any compromise or excuse makes children believe that they can meet the expectations (Chua 34). Chinese children know that they cannot score anything less than an A. They believe that they can deliver such grades. For this reason, instilling children with self-belief is a positive aspect a factor that is not common in Western parenting. Whereas Western parents do not place high expectations on their children and are more likely to excuse and accommodate failure, Chinese parents do not give any chance to failure.

Tiger Mom education places emphasis on hard work, which is a positive attribute that shapes the lives of students. Chinese mothers place emphasis on the need for hard work if their children are to achieve the expected performance standards. Chinese mothers believe that if their children can conform to the ten thousand hour rule of practice, they can succeed. Many of the mothers require their children to undertake music classes. Through hard work, Chinese parents ensure that their children master the skill of playing the violin or the piano. Tiger mother also teaches children the value of hard work in other subjects. They make children&nbsp.realize that they can deliver an exemplary performance in the classroom if they work harder than their peers do (Huang 56).

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