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Homework answers / question archive / Question 31 0 / 2 pts By employing randomization, the researcher ensures that    one group is different than the other

Question 31 0 / 2 pts By employing randomization, the researcher ensures that    one group is different than the other


Question 31

0 / 2 pts

By employing randomization, the researcher ensures that


one group is different than the other.


participants are manipulated at random.


any extraneous factor is as likely to affect one group as it is to affect the other.


All of these



UnansweredQuestion 32

0 / 2 pts

A researcher manipulates the amount of lighting in a workspace and then observes its effect on a group's productivity. This situation represents which element of inference of cause?


Temporal precedence


Covariation between variables


Elimination of possible causes


Environmental stability



UnansweredQuestion 33

0 / 2 pts

A measure has construct validity if it


measures what it is intended to measure.


is given to participants in a laboratory setting.


contains a large amount of true score.


All of these



UnansweredQuestion 34

0 / 2 pts

When you accept unquestionably what your own personal judgment tells you about the world, you are relying on _______.








scientific understanding



UnansweredQuestion 35

0 / 2 pts

A researcher observed that drinking coffee improved performance on complex math problems up to a point. The researcher also noted, however, that excessive coffee drinking actually interferes with problem solving. What type of relationship was observed?


Positive linear


Negative linear




No relationship



UnansweredQuestion 36

0 / 2 pts

The statement, "Participants in quiet environments score consistently higher on math achievement tests than participants in noisy environments" is an example of ________ behavior; while the statement, "The difference between participants in quiet versus noisy rooms on math achievement scores occurs because there is less distraction in quiet rooms" is an example of ________ behavior.


explaining; determining the cause of


explaining; predicting


describing; determining the cause of


describing; predicting



UnansweredQuestion 37

0 / 2 pts

The American Psychological Association computer database that stores the contents of
Psychological Abstracts is




Psychological Abstracts.


Social Science Citation Index.


None of these



UnansweredQuestion 38

0 / 2 pts

Which section of a research article includes the interpretation of a study's findings?











UnansweredQuestion 39

0 / 2 pts

The Belmont Report's ethical principle of justice on the selection of participants requires


researchers limit studies only to those of legal age (e.g., 18 years or older).


participants be paid a fair and just wage for taking part in the research.


any decisions to include or exclude certain people from the research must be justified
on scientific grounds.


All of these



UnansweredQuestion 40

0 / 2 pts

When evaluating the claims of a scientist, we should do all of the following except _____________?


ask about the scientist's credentials


examine the funding source


be skeptical of pseudoscience


disregard applied research



UnansweredQuestion 41

0 / 2 pts

Observation of the world around us, is a good place to get ideas for research. Which of the following best illustrates a research idea that comes from the world around us?


the relationship of sexually degrading music lyrics and early sexual behaviors


using the theory of evolution to investigate a new problem


advancing work done by authors in 1988


Birds of a feather flock together



UnansweredQuestion 42

0 / 2 pts

The finding that a person's shoe size is not associated with their family income suggests


a positive linear relationship.


a negative linear relationship.


a curvilinear relationship.


no relationship.



UnansweredQuestion 43

0 / 2 pts

In Milgram's study on obedience, telling participants the purpose of the experiment was to study learning and memory was an example of


psychological stress.




informed consent.





UnansweredQuestion 44

0 / 2 pts

The experimental method eliminates the thirdvariable problem by


keeping extraneous variables constant.


randomly assigning participants to groups.


Both a and b


Neither a nor b



UnansweredQuestion 45

0 / 2 pts

Research by Blanchflower & Oswald (2008) found that both younger and older adults are happier than adults in their 40's. This relationship can best be described as a ______________?


positive correlation


negative correlation


curvilinear correlation


no correlation



UnansweredQuestion 46

0 / 2 pts

Which of the following is NOT a procedural option to deception?




Simulation studies




Honest experiments



UnansweredQuestion 47

0 / 2 pts

When participants are categorized into groups based on some difference rather than through random assignment, this design is referred to as a(n) _____ design.


experimental method


ex post facto







UnansweredQuestion 48

0 / 2 pts

When increases in the values of one variable are associated with both increases and decreases in the values of a second variable, what type of relationship is present?


Positive linear






Negative linear



UnansweredQuestion 49

0 / 2 pts

A researcher asks male and female participants to rate the desirability of potential neighbors on the basis of the potential neighbor's occupation. Which one of the following is a situational variable?


Gender of the research participant


Desirability ratings


Potential neighbor's occupation


All of these



UnansweredQuestion 50

0 / 2 pts

The scientific method differs from intuition and authority in that the scientific method


does not rely on accepting assertions set forth by others.


does not rely on one's own personal perceptions of the world.


provides an objective set of rules for gathering, evaluating, and reporting information.


All of these.


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