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The speech will demonstrate how to do something


The speech will demonstrate how to do something. 

Each entry on the outline will be a full, grammatically correct sentence. No bullet points, sentence fragments, etc. The outline and information should be the same as your speech in order, points, etc. All listed sections below must be included in the outline and be properly formatted. 

Attention Gainer: Describe in one simple effective paragraph what your attention-gaining device is and explain how that device is related to the topic on which you are speaking. How will this compel the audience’s attention and interest? Describe and explain. Do not simply type in the device here.

Thesis: The thesis is a simple sentence description of what your topic is. It is NOT an introduction or preview.

IntroductionOutline the main points of your introduction of your speech. This should be more than just a listing of the points.

BodyHere, the outline of the body of your speech will appear.

Each main point will be listed with a Roman Numeral. Each Main Point and sub-points will be stated as a full grammatically correct sentence - not paragraphs, not fragments, not bullet points, Each sub-point will be listed with a Capital Letter. Each demonstration or example will be listed with a number. Each main point should have at least two sub-points plus one or more examples or support for your statements). 



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