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Students should pick two ACADEMIC articles, written by different authors that address Middle Career Stage management topic

Students should pick two ACADEMIC articles, written by different authors that address Middle Career Stage management topic. Both articles should address the same topic. Any topic found in the Subject Index of the Greenhaus text is permissible. After reading the two articles, write a seven page abstract that covers the items noted below. The purpose of the article abstract is to increase awareness of current trends in Career Management and relate those trends to theories discussed in the texts. The Abstract should provide a brief overview/summary of the two articles contents, distinguishing the main issues, accurately identifying the impact of each issue on today’s organizations and tying and discussing relevant information to issues found within the text.

  • The paper should be six (7) pages in length and follow the APA writing conventions.
  • It must include all of the headings found below.
  • The choice of topic is Middle Career Stage. Both articles you choose should be recent (within last seven (7) years) and academic in nature – the best choices for articles can be found in academic journals.
  • Write in the third person
  • The paper should contain a title page and meet the following requirements:

1. Overview:This explains what the topic is and why it is important.

  1. Main Issues
  2. What issues do your related articles address? Check the list of potential topics – you are not tied to that list, but please make your topic relevant to issues in career management. Also, do not use first person references like I, we, or me. This paper should be written in the third person.
  3. Impact on the Organization
  4. Conclusions

Give a short summary of your work. Synthesize the information from both articles and the book in a short paragraph.

Other Important Information:

Citation of your Work:

Be sure to correctly cite your work using parenthetic references within your paper. Give proper credit to the authors of the articles you have chosen. This is very important in graduate writing. If you are unclear, utilize one of the online resources like the Online Writing Lab at Purdue University (OWL). There are examples and explanations.


The list of papers quoted in the paper should go at the end of your work. Use APA format. Remember they should be no more than 7 years old. Please do not use Wikipedia, dictionary.com, or news reports from news agencies like abc.com – these are not reflective of the types of references that represent graduate research for this assignment.

***Attached is an example of what the paper should look like. Ig you have any questions, please just ask.


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