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Homework answers / question archive / Respond to both responses 50 words MINIMUM (EACH)…

Respond to both responses 50 words MINIMUM (EACH)…


Respond to both responses 50 words MINIMUM (EACH)…..



Response 1

Strategic planning in the name states how powerful it can be if we follow the guidelines in our facility. When Mr. Figliuolo mentioned how important it is to not do the "Strategy by Default". It did get me thinking in all the previous corporations I was an employee before in how they follow this specific definition. The business can't grow since their mindset is set the way it mentions in the video and lose the opportunity to do more. Formulating my strategic plan will be to incorporate the strategies I set up for the facility. Once then I can follow the next step and filter. As a business, we can pursue all initiatives that are needed to succeed. Learning to incorporate all these steps and to make sure we are following the right path will be worth it. It is always smart to be accountable for all our actions and be ready for any bumps in the road. Prioritizing what is important will make a difference in how our business is run and known. Sometimes getting out of our comfort zone makes us see the possibilities in how we can succeed. There is always going to be help in our teams and resources like this video.





Response 2

This weeks video from LinkedIn will help me formulate my strategic plan by making I am organizing for success. After reviewing my SWOT analysis and identifying key current initiatives to help reach our mission and vision, I will need to make sure I have the right staff in place to carry the mission out. Once this staff has been identified those initiatives will need to be prioritized by most important to least. This will the organization be successful in reaching its mission. For example. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality of care in the country. In order to do that we will need to make sure we are staying current with the technologies and services being offered across the country. This will help us fulfill our patients needs, stay competitive in the healthcare market, and help us increase our patient satisfaction rates. Making sure we use strategic filters and not be limit by our resources will be very beneficial in our success.

In conclusion, it will be a good idea to make sure we are following the steps learned in this video as a good resource to make sure we have all areas of our strategic planning covered.

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