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project 8: Maximize Profit  Books, Books


project 8: Maximize Profit 
Books, Books. Books is a wholesale distributor of popular books. The business buys overstocked books and sells them for a discount of more than 50 percent to local area bookstores. The owner of the company, B. K. Kane, would like to determine the best approach to boxing books so he can make the most profit possible. The local bookstores accept all shipments from Books, Books. Books because of B. K.'s incredibly low prices. B. K. can order as many overstocked books as he requires, and this week's options include: 
Title Weight Cost Sale Price Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, J. K. Bowling 5 lb 89 Pi  The Children of Hii,n. J. R. R. Talkie!" 4 ib 00 3i3  The rime Traveler's Wife, Audrey Niffenegger L 3.5 lb S7 st i It), Dow River, John Twelve Hawks 3 lb 56 8 9  ---- The Rood. Cormac McCarthy 2.5 lb 55 $ 7 Slaughterhouse-Five, Kurt Vonnegut i 1 lb i 84 $ 5 
When packing a single box, B. K. must adhere to the following: • 20 books or fewer. 6 Books by three authors. • Between four and eight books from each author. ? Weight equal to or less than 50 pounds. Bit has come to you to help him d Aetermine .x YK8_0ata whichlsx data boofile.hks e shodetermine theuld orderopt to immaxal ibook o mize his der for prom based on this information, doing the  I Single box of books. Data file: AYK8_ Data.xlsx 
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