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Homework answers / question archive / IEP Analysis This assignment will require that you identify, review, and critique an actual IEP process

IEP Analysis This assignment will require that you identify, review, and critique an actual IEP process


IEP Analysis

This assignment will require that you identify, review, and critique an actual IEP process. This may be completed in small groups up to four members. After viewing a good IEP meeting and a flawed meeting, you will complete an analysis. This analysis will include a brief description of the case at hand and a compare and contrast analysis of the meetings. The compare and contrast will note areas of compliance and areas of noncompliance. You will then provide recommendations on how to improve the meeting, paying special attention to the fulfillment of the documentation of consent and participation and 8 components of the process. Must be in APA format.


For this paper, you will share:

  1. A Summary of Each Meeting. Be sure to address:
    1. Relevant information about the child share - age, grade,, placement, eligibility category, main areas in which disability impairs student’s ability fully participate in general education, & other relevant information about the student.
    2. Current Placement description of current placement to include ( if available) disabilities being served, number & types of students being served, % of day student participates in general education, areas in which student is included in general education.
    3. School -provide a description of the school the child attends to include any information provided – note what is missing such as :general geographical description of the area, general SES of the area, number of students enrolled, grades served, ethnic makeup of the school, & school-wide performance & API scores.
  2. Explanation of IEP Process
    1. Explanation of your understanding of eligibily with Rtl, FAPE, LRE
    2. List whether the components of IEP - 8 elements - were addressed or not
      1. Component 1: The Present Level of Performance
      2. Component 2: Annual Goals
      3. Component 3: Reporting of Student Progress
      4. Component 4: Accommodations, Modifications, and Support Services
      5. Component 5: Least Restrictive Environment and Related Services
      6. Component 6: Participation in State and Districtwide Assessments
      7. Component 7: Frequency and Duration of Services
      8. Component 8: Transition Services
      9. Component 9: Documentation of Participation, Consent and Prior Notice
  3. Compare & Contrast for non-compliance & compliance
    1. The compliance & noncompliance area s should address both procedural (adherence to timelines, parent notification, IEP attendees, signatures, paperwork completed properly, etc.) and substantive (correct placement, meaningful goals and objectives, LRE & FAPE provided, etc.) issues. In order to earn points for this section you should specify which laws (CA Code of Regs., IDEA, & Case Law) are NOT being followed. If no violations are noted, you are required to identify an additional 2-3 areas in which you noted compliance.
    2. Address whether the notice of procedural safeguards was followed and what might be out of compliance.
  4. Recommendations to Improve the process                                                                                                                           In this section you will provide a list of recommendations that will bring the IEP back into compliance on BOTH procedural & substantive violations. You will also give recommendations on how the meeting could and should be improved. In other words, what would you do to make it better for the parents, the child and the teachers. Identify strategies you would use to improve the process for collaboration and communication and for compliance.

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