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1. What are the National Quality Standards and list 3 ways in which they will benefit parents and children? 2. There are seven quality areas covered by the National Quality Standards. List the seven quality areas. 3. Describe what quality area 5 aims to achieve. 4. In quality area 5, there are two standards (5.1 and 5.2). List these standards. Explain in your own words what this standard is trying to achieve.

  1. What were the main factors in the formation and expansion of the Mongol empire in Eurasia (c. 1200-1400 CE)?

In your answer, you might like to discuss the unification of the nomadic Mongol tribes under Chinggis Khan; the effectiveness of the Mongol army; and some of the distinguishing characteristics of the Mongol empire.




Discuss about the the Beatles Revolver in 2000 words.                              

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