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Homework answers / question archive / Hi, need to submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Working in Organisations

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Working in Organisations


Hi, need to submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Working in Organisations. People do have certain expectations from the place they work. Some people work to fulfill their basic necessities, some others work to explore their potentials, and few others to achieve their goals and objectives. The primary factor that comes to mind when talking about work is money. This is said to be on the list of priority and the foremost reason, why people want to work. People wish to work for a better pay, and for a better life style for which money is the key factor that motivates them to work and to increase their expectations to work for an organization. Another factor that people want from their work is satisfaction. People work as a team in an organization both to help others and to help themselves for which they get paid and thus they derive satisfaction with this kind of an activity. People tend to have a look out for social interactions in the organizational environment. For example, if one has to go to work, complete the day’s task, and has to come back and has no interactions at any point, is said to become redundant, and thus the person’s work impacts his performance and achievements, personally and professionally. If the person goes about in this manner, he might turn out to be anti-social at times. Thus with the work culture in the organization, people want to be socially active where most of the social needs are taken care of. Most people have set of varied reasons as to what they want from work and how they attain the same. They work for money, fun, social interactions and relations etc. According to Abraham Maslow who proposed in his paper, (A Theory of Human Motivation, 1943), talks about different cycles where human beings have varied expectations at different phases of life. His model is said to have five phases, starting with the bottom phase that talks about the most basic needs, and after this safety is the next phase, after the safety factor the expectation of humans was for love and belongingness factors, the next phase is the self esteem where the humans have the zeal to attain respect and have achievements in life, and the top most phase as defined by Maslow was self actualization, which means that a person being more innovative, open to challenges, and moral. To correlate Maslow’s theory of different phases of what people want out of work is, they tend to move on and grow at each phase, and a specific set of necessities are fulfilled at each level they grow. This helps them further to attain more to achieve more. At the initial stages a person works to fulfill his basic wants of life. As this is fulfilled he works to earn for a better living, and as and when these basic necessities are being met, he is then motivated to work for aspects like meeting his targets, challenges, recognition at work etc. On the other hand, people work not just with the mentioned objectives. They have their own specific reasons and objectives to work and their expectations would differ vastly. This is because of a variety of opinions and views coming up from different people and, at times it gets tougher for the employer to analyse and address the aspirations of the people in a particular organization in diverse forms. What do people want from, work: To analyse the thin line of what do the people want from work in the organization is drawn with the set of various factors that create the environment for people to work and also to have certain expectations accordingly. Respect that one receives at work is derived from the work culture that is followed in the organization.

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