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Journal 3 - Chapt


Journal 3 - Chapt. 5 In addition to the text, you are strongly advised to read the instructor prepared handout on Situational Leadership. It will make understanding this theory much more clear.1. a. T

Journal 3 - Chapt. 5

In addition to the text, you are strongly advised to read the instructor prepared handout on Situational Leadership. It will make understanding this theory much more clear.


1. a. The model of situational leadership on page 97 is defined by two basic constructs: supportive behaviors and directive behaviors. Using your author’s perspective, describe what these behaviors are and how they differ.



b. Why should the leader’s style not be fixed?



2. Using a situational approach, determine the development level of your observable group (D1, D2, D3, D4) at their most recent problem-solving discussion. State why you think the group is at that level. Describe what style you would use as that group’s leader in that particular issue. State what the issue/problem/ situation was and why you selected which style to use.




3. Using the Situational Model from your text, determine the style a leader would use in each situation below. Using the thought process of situational theory, justify how you determined that and why.


  1. You are teaching your first and second grade children and their same age friends to make and decorate holiday cookies.





  1. You are the director of the Chamber of Commerce leading a task force of retired senior citizens to develop a proposal to present to the city commission for the new Johnson City Senior Center.




  1. You are a candidate for the city commission and it is the week before the Election. You are meeting with your campaign staff before the final week’s push of campaigning. The staff have been together for 6 months, all are unpaid, and your campaign is slightly behind your opponent.





  1. You are a 10-year veteran as a public health official and you are meeting with the healthcare providers in your community to create a plan to improve the prevention of the causes of childhood diabetes. The morning meeting is made up of school health nurses who have been at the forefront of reporting this phenomenon. The afternoon meeting is made up of a variety of primary care physicians (pediatrics, internal medicine, family practice). They can rarely take such a large block of time out of their day.





  1. You are the new manager of a new major department store in town. You have a few weeks to train your new department managers before they have to hire and train the hourly workers soon to be staffing each department. Most all of your department managers have worked in retail at least part time for another company. All are new to this company. Most have never supervised other before.







4. Do case study 5.1 on pages 105-107. Answer the questions on page 107.



5. Using the 5 Bases of Power (Text - Chapter 1, Table 1.1) and your most recent group of work colleagues, describe a member who represents an example of each of the 6 types of power. Explain what you observed.


Expert power



Legitimate power



Reward power



Coercive power



Referent power



Information power



6. Spend some time surfing the net. Please investigate10 distinct websites that describe Leadership Development programs. Of the 10, please include at least 3 college leadership programs not in Tennessee and 2 college programs in Tennessee. Of the other 5 find 2 that provide leadership training for remote employees and 3 that are leadership programs for specific companies for their employees. Attach a list of websites reviewed with a short analysis of each to this journal. State what you liked/disliked about each leadership program (This is not a critique of the design of the website).


7. Read the articles on Leading Remotely.


A. Best Practices for Managing Virtual Teams and Meetings


B. Four Rules for Effective Leadership When Working Remotely


C. Self-Leadership Skills Required for a Remote Team


D. Leading High Performance Teams



a. Rank which article was most helpful.


b. Summarize in 2-3 sentences for each article the best advice from each article.


c. How does situational theory relate to the recommendations in the four articles on leading remotely?



8. What leadership-related Ah-ha’s have you learned since your last journal?

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