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Homework answers / question archive / PURPOSE OF ASSIGNMENT Research writing is very different from other kinds of writing

PURPOSE OF ASSIGNMENT Research writing is very different from other kinds of writing



Research writing is very different from other kinds of writing. This initial writing sample is an opportunity to practice this style of writing and to get feedback from your instructor. This paper will be included as part of the introduction to your final research proposal (with revisions, of course).



a J) C_


yi In one page, inform the reader about your research topic. Utilize the research proposal template [r t |

( in crafting your introduction. KELXKNZ mm TALS Fi (>

Remember: while research is heavily reliant on existing literature about a topic, people's lived experiences are still an important component. Often it is

from people's experiences that new research questions arise as these can highlight paucities in information about different communities and areas of interest. | encourage you to reflect on your own experiences. Is there something you want to learn more about (consider personal, professional, and academic experiences)? Also, keep in mind, that your research topic can come from something you have read about and not necessarily experienced directly.

Provide information about the relevant environment (social, political, or physical) and key issues and variables that are important for the reader to understand your topic. The reader should be able to understand why your topic is important to the field of study and should include some form of a problem statement (what is the issue or problem that your study will seek to find answers to7).

Here's an example! (https://canvas,du,edu/courses/158198/files/11253385?wrap=1)_ + (


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Am prove rruinas


There will be a peer review assigned to this paper. Please watch this short video on how to successfully complete a peer review as well as read about

how to give and receive feedback.


The annotated reference list serves two purposes. First, it provides a quick reference for each article that tells you what the article is about. This will

be useful as you write your literature review and need to use the references to support your theoretical hypothesis. Second, by writing down each

reference in the correct Turabian format, you are creating your reference list in advance (not in the last minutes before your paper is due). An

annotated reference list can later be helpful for you to see how different articles relate to one another or if there is agreement or disagreement among

the researchers’ works.



Obtain at least 10 sources for your study (at least 6 should be from peer-reviewed journals). For each source, provide a brief description of the study

including the variables examined, their findings, and the relevance to your proposal (about 3-4 sentences), and provide the proper reference citation

using Turabian Style. Be sure you have alphabetized your list according to the first author’s last name. Below is an example of how your annotations

should look:

Kotsopoulou, Anastasia, and Susan Hallam. 2010. “The Perceived Impact of Playing Music While Studying: Age and Cultural Differences.”

Educational Studies 36, no. 4: 431-440.


e In this study the researchers explore cultural and age differences in students’ reported use of music in their studying, and their perceptions of its

effects on them and their work in relation to a range of tasks. The independent variables were age and culture, and the dependent variable was

perception of music impacting studying. 150 students each from four different countries (USA, UK, Greece, and Japan) and three age groups (12,

16-18, and 20 years old) were given a survey measuring their perception of music on their studying. There were as many commonalities as

differences between groups, but overall the findings suggest that there should not be concern with students studying with music. Students tended

to be self-aware of what types of tasks were appropriate for music versus those that were not.


If you are having trouble finding research studies related to your topic, remember you can consult with a research librarian ;

( to help you with your search. Remember, while lived experiences are an important aspect when formulating research

questions, the goal of this assignment is to practice and refine creating annotated references. If you're finding that there is a lack of resources directly

related to your topic, use this as a way to be creative in the sources you use to highlight the need for further research into a topic.

Grading for this assignment will focus on your correct use of the Turabian citation style, the quality of sources (peer-reviewed, scholarly, appropriate

number), and their relevance to your topic as shown through your annotations.





e Refer to the UCOL Format and Style Requirements = _(

Requirements.pdf)_on the Course Homepage, and be sure to properly cite your sources using Turabian Author-Date style citations

(https:/ .


e Your annotated reference document is separate from your research proposal document that you will be building throughout the term.

This document does not require a title page.
Week 4: Major Assignment - Video Briefing and Summary


Due Jan 29 by 11:59pm Points 200 Submitting a file upload


There are no shortage of contemporary global crises begging for solutions — human rights violations,

wars, civil rights issues, terrorism, workplace violations, problems stemming from climate change,

gender equality, and the list goes on. Imagine that you are participating in a global conference on

international issues and you are submitting a video briefing overview of an issue for a roundtable

discussion. For this video briefing, choose a current global issue and analyze who the stakeholders are

and how they can work together to address the issue. You are simply analyzing the issue from all

stakeholder perspectives, not making an argument. Make sure that you cover all items specified in the grading criteria that follows.

The more you narrow down your topic, the better your briefing will be. For example, rather than choosing “global warming” you should examine a specific eroding coastline. Instead of looking at the

“Syrian refugee crisis,” you can examine one area that is taking refugees (e.g., Syrian Refugees in

Lebanon) which narrows down the list of stakeholders you need to analyze.

You must use Turabian Author-Date Style citation. Choose a topic that interests you or that is relevant to your work or research goals. Please let me know if you have any questions and | look forward to watching your video briefings.

Due Date: Sunday of Week 4 at 11:59 MST

Detailed Requirements:

Your video briefing should be between 4-7 minutes and your summary (written document or Powerpoint)

should be either 1-2 pages or 5-10 slides.

ND bWMe2— Vemerter oe Pier,


Grading criteria and weight in % of each: i) / — or 4 /, en nae

MT) ZUIIG LY) Wer peigge 2 vee.

e The student clearly explains the global issue/topic chosen, and it is ofa manageable scale in rel tidn

to the project. 25%

e The student clearly discusses who the stakeholders are and logically analyzes how they are affected

by the issue. 25%

Week 6: Major Assignment - Regime Analysis


Due Feb 12 by 11:59pm Points 250 Submitting a file upload


Choose a prominent issue that has taken place recently (you can use the same issue you used for

assignment 1, but you do not have to) and, drawing from the literature on regimes and neoliberal

institutionalism, as well as the research you've done on different global institutions, propose possible

solutions from an institutional perspective. You do not have to agree that an institutional approach is

the best way forward and you can argue against liberalism and in favor of a state-centric perspective,

or you can argue in favor of a compromise. You must use at least 2 readings from class in a

meaningful way and address the merits and/or drawbacks of liberal institutionalism in addressing your

chosen issue. Your presentation must include all items specified in the grading section that follows.

You must use Turabian Author-Date style citation. Please view this sample PowerPoint

( J

( Please only look at

this as an example and do not follow the template exactly (indeed-these power points have way too

much writing on them!)


Due: Saturday of Week 6 at 11:59 MST (July 25)




Detailed Requirements:




PowerPoint should be between 6-10 slides (Nw CY f? Sok

Grading criteria and weight in % of each:


Student clearly summarizes the main issues involved - 30%


Student analyzes the successes and failures of how the issue was addressed - 30%


Student understands which regimes and institutions can address the issues - 30%


Student correctly uses Turabian Author-Date style citation - 10%

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