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Prepare this assignment APA Style


Prepare this assignment APA Style. Abstract is not required. Plagiarism Free, Solid academic writing is expected. Need back on Tuesday February 14, 2017 @ 6:00pm Central time.

 Ethical Boundaries and Practices Paper  write 800 words with references.

On professional ethical boundaries and practices, complete the step below

Write from the perspective that you are a mental health professional in the field. Provide a thoughtful response to each of the following two sections, including specific, concrete examples to illustrate your ideas. Your final deliverable should be one solid paper addressing each section along with an introduction and conclusion. Use the section headings provided below to separate each section of your paper.

 Section 1: Boundary Issues and Dual Relationships write 500 words with references

     Part A – Decision-Making Model and Examples

How would you determine if a boundary-crossing or dual relationship is ethical and appropriate?

What criteria would you consider when making your decision?

Present examples of how you would apply this criteria to at least two professional situations in which you believe the dual relationship issues are complex and ambiguous. One of your examples should address the issues of physical attraction between clients and professionals.

 Part B-Ethical Issues and Dimensions in Ethical Decision-Making

Examine these issues in terms of encountering former clients. Address the following:

1)Do the ethical issues (and your opinion about appropriateness) change, depending on how long after the termination of services a dual relationship is initiated?

2)What are the key ethical dimensions that might change, after the termination of services?

3)Present an example of a situation that you believe would constitute a boundary violation with a current client but might be acceptable with a former client.

Section 2) Development of Your Thinking about Ethics write 300 words and references

Clearly describe what you consider the most important developments in your thinking about ethical practice that have occurred so far. This may include areas in which you have clarified your views and beliefs, modified your thinking on a given issue, gained new insights, or acquired a new perspective. It may include issues whose complexity you now appreciate more fully or difficult issues that you now understand you must come to grips with, as a counselor. What have you most learned about yourself and/or about what constitutes becoming an ethical practitioner and how has your thinking about ethics and legal issues changed?

Be sure to include specific examples to illustrate general statements

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