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Homework answers / question archive / Arizona State University MUS 354 1)Former Beatle_composed and sang lead on the 1970s song

Arizona State University MUS 354 1)Former Beatle_composed and sang lead on the 1970s song


Arizona State University

MUS 354

1)Former Beatle_composed and sang lead on the 1970s song.





Paul found his song                            banned by the BBC in early 1972 due to the directly political nature of the lyrics.






In early September of 1972, Ringo joins the London Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Choir at a sound studio in London to record two songs for inclusion in a new production of Pete Townshend of the Who's rock opera    .




Which former Beatle can be heard singing this song?






Paul's 1973 single                     tells the story of taking a trip from his Scottish farm to London, and features bluesy guitar riffs and Paul saying "bye bye" and counting at the end.








One 1972 Paul song features a Pop/Island feel, a military sounding bridge, political lyrics, and many of Paul's signature Pop music compositional devices. It is...








This elaborate song was sung and composed by...






A military sounding snare drum sets up the tempo and feel of this 1972 #9 Ringo hit, also featuring humorous rhyming lyrics such as "tasty" and "wasted," and George on the guitar solo. It is...







Beatle                  composed and sang lead on this song.





In Early January of 1973, Northern Songs and Maclean Music bring a lawsuit against                                                                                                                                                                             for copyright agreement violations regarding songs such as "Luck of the Irish" and "Sunday Bloody Sunday." This couple claimed joint copyright on the material rather than abiding by a 2/65 binding contract Beatle members had with these companies.





Unfortunately, similarities between                                    and the Chiffon's "He's So Fine" led to a plagiarism lawsuit against George, forcing him to pay over half of a million dollars in penalties for "subconsciously plagiarizing" the song.





One song, drawn form George's All Things Must Pass album, was his biggest hit, climbing to #1 on the charts. It also featured Ringo on drums. It is...






Elaborate production values and George Martin's arrangement on this 1971 Paul song include full orchestra, rain and thunder, percussive clicks of a phone dialing, and high pass vocal filters. It is...






Paul recorded                          as the theme song for the upcoming James Bond film of the same name, taking the song to #2 on the charts, and featuring George Martin's elaborate arrangements.




During March of 1972,                            began work on the Some Time in New York City album, with songs such as "Attica State" and "Sunday Bloody Sunday" setting a heavy political tone.







In April of 1970, the last Beatle to play at a Beatles recording session overdubbed tracks on "Across the Universe," "I Me Mine," and other songs. He is...







Which former Beatle composed and sang lead on this song?





Drawn from the Red Rose Speedway LP,                      was Wings' first #1 single and the first song Paul owned outright after the expiration of his Lennon and McCartney Northern Songs contract.





Many believe John considered his Dylan-esque 1970 song           his personal anthem, with its social commentary reflecting his own beliefs.






In December of 1970,                      releases his Plastic Ono Band album featuring Ringo on drums and the controversial song "Working Class Hero."



On Saturday, Dec 23rd, 1972, the world premiere of John and Yoko's seventy-minute film                                                                                                                                                                                                           takes place on American TV. The final edit version was from more than 40,000 feet of film taken by the Lennons.






Written by Robert and Richard Sherman,                                 was originally a 1960 hit for Rockabilly artist Johnny Burnette before Ringo took it to #1 on the charts in 1973.







1971 ends with the dissolution of the band lawsuit, now in the British high courts, with an additional suit filed against     for mismanagement.






After "Photograph" hit #1, the release of the 1973 #1 single "You're Sixteen" made    the only ex-Beatle to have back-to-back #1 singles (post-Beatles era).






In November of 1970, the first legal stirrings involving the dissolution of the Beatles occurs when

                       files a lawsuit against the other three members in the British high court.







The composer and singer of this song is...





Which former Beatle sings lead on this song?






Recording sessions for Paul's hugely successful 1973 album           took place in Lagos, Nigeria, with two key members of Wings quitting just prior to departure and Paul playing guitars, bass and drums.






On Thursday, July 27th, 1972, the Apple film                                , featuring George Harrison, opens to the general public in London. It will smash previous daily records with huge figures and continuous round- the-clock screenings.






George had a #1 hit single worldwide with this self-produced single from the Living in the Material World LP,          , featuring a syncopated melody and almost Country Rock groove.


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