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Homework answers / question archive / DeAnza College HUMI 16 1)A form of jazz that is characterized by a frenzied tempo, complicated chord progressions, and complex rhythms is a

DeAnza College HUMI 16 1)A form of jazz that is characterized by a frenzied tempo, complicated chord progressions, and complex rhythms is a


DeAnza College


1)A form of jazz that is characterized by a frenzied tempo, complicated chord progressions, and complex rhythms is

a.            bop.

b.            blues.

c.             swing.

d.            cool.


2.            Native Son, an expression of African American’s defiance and despair, was written by a. Richard Wright.

b.            Langston Hughes.

c.             Toni Morrison.

d.            LeRoi Jones.


3.            The increase in carbon dioxide levels, which elevates the earth’s temperatures, is known as the

a.            warming trend

b.            greenhouse effect

c.             solar impact

d.            thermal drive


4.            The Technological Society indicts              as a form of totalitarian control. a. advertising

b.            marketing

c.             publishing

d.            illustration


5.            Which of these is NOT among the video artists of our time:

a.            Mariko Mori

b.            Paik

c.             Smithson

d.            Viola


6.            The process by which one takes apart discourse in order to discover the meaning of the text is called

a.            deconstruction

b.            reading

c.             synthesis

d.            analysis


7.            Minimalist artists worked essentially out of an aesthetic inspired by

a.            computer digitization.

b.            environmental concerns.

c.             commercial advertising. d. machine technology.

8.            In Isabel Allende’s story “Two Words,” the surprising insight of Belisa Crepusculario into the situation of the Colonel is

a.            that he will be the next president. b. that he is lonely.

c. that, like her, he is of humble origins.

d. that he is afraid.


9.            In Oates’ Ace, the main figure is characterized as ano a. overgrown boy.

b.            disenchanted physician.




c.             university student.

d.            inveterate gambler.


10.          The composer of the minimalist opera, Einstein on the Beach, is

a.            John Cage.

b.            Karlheinz Stockhausen. c. Philip Glass.

d. Gyorgy Ligeti.


11.          The Feminine Mystique, which argued that the media, especially advertising, had brainwashed women into subordinate positions, was written by

a.            Nina Simone

b.            Maya Angelou

c.             Amadale Newport d. Betty Friedan


12.          According to the text,    are two forms of technology that have altered many aspects of life in the late twentieth century.

a.            space exploration and medicine

b.            cameras and recorders c. television and computers

d. radios and televisions


13.          The        began as an instrumental rather than a vocal form of music. a. blues

b.            classical

c.             aleatory

d.            jazz


14.          In the work of all “total art” it is true to say that a. process is more important than product.

b.            the final product is of ultimate importance.

c.             electronic documentation is essential.

d.            aesthetic value is purely theatrical.

15.          Oldenburg ’s Soft Toilet looks back in spirit and in style to the works of a. Duchamp.

b.            Dali.

c.             Pollock.

d.            Hopper.


16.          In the West, the two world wars generally hindered       from attaining political and economic equality.

a.            men

b.            women

c.             foreigners

d.            minorities


17.          In her Dances of Haiti,    examined the sociological functions of dance.

a.            Kathy Belloni

b.            Maya Angelou

c.             Katherine Dunham

d.            Nina Simone


18.          Both string theory and chaos theory are concerned with




a.            finding sources of electronic energy.

b.            uniting matter and spirit.

c.             identifying the underlying patterns in nature.

d.            mapping the human cellular system.


19.          Paz is representative of the postmodern poet’s concern with a. language.

b.            nature.

c.             love.

d.            race.


20.          The American composer Milton Babbitt is best known for

a.            his ballet, Einstein on the Beach. b. writing the first electronic music.

c. writing an opera for voice and tape recorder.

d. inventing the synthesizer.


21.          Since the 1960s, postmodernism has featured all the following EXCEPT

a.            parody.

b.            a pastiche of styles from former eras. c. a revival of the classical heritage.

d. a taste for popular imagery.


22.          Musical composition since the 1960s has been characterized by ALL BUT ONE of the following:

a.            improvisation

b.            diatonic harmony

c.             multiculturalism

d.            microtonality


23.          In Latin America, the United States government has traditionally supported

a.            dissidents.

b.            ordinary farmers.

c.             the Church.

d.            the economic elite.


24.          The exploitation of Latin America by capitalist corporations is reflected in “The United Fruit Co.” by

a.            Pablo Neruda

b.            Pablo Picasso

c.             Marcel Duchamp

d.            Salvatore Michone


25.          In her book The Second Sex,      analyzed the biological, political, and psychological reasons for women’s traditional dependence on men.

a.            Maya Angelou

b.            Simone de Beauvoir

c.             Judy Chicago

d.            Meret Oppenheim


26.          In Chinua Achebe’s Dead Man’s Path, the most important function of the footpath turns out to be

a.            that it provides access to a source of water.

b.            that it leads to a burial ground.




c.             that it is a shortcut to a main road. d. that it is the path of new life.


27.          Throughout the centuries, three of the leading proponents of civil disobedience were Gandhi, Henry David Thoreau, and

a.            Bloke Modisan. b. Franz Fanon.

c. Malcolm X.

d. Martin Luther King.


28.          Ralph Ellison’s novel The Invisible Man referred to the invisibility of

a.            city dwellers.

b.            blacks in a white world.

c.             the individual in mass society.

d.            workers in a capitalist economy.


29.          The Grand Castigation series of Wang Guangyi reflects the influence of

a.            minimalist art.

b.            neoexpressionism. c. pop art.

d. Maoist reform principles.


30.          In Alice Walker’s short story, “Elethia”, “Uncle Albert” is a. the benefactor of poor, local blacks.

b.            the stereotypical equivalent of Aunt Jemima.

c.             the owner of a restaurant.

d.            a totally fictional character.


31.          According to Wilson, the primary source for food and medicine is referred to as a nation’s

a.            gross national product

b.            marketable wealth

c.             national commodity d. biological wealth


32.          In his Message to the Grass Roots, Malcolm X focuses his audience’s attention on their “common enemy,” which is

a.            Jim Crow laws.

b.            the U.S. Constitution. c. the white man.

d. disunity.


33.          Contemporary composers of opera show a marked interest in

a.            adaptations of folk and fairy tales.

b.            stories based on contemporary events and personalities.

c.             a return to serialism.

d.            the integration of rock and roll in operatic music.


34.          The search for African-American self-identity and the demands for equality led to a flowering of creative expression in New York City known as the

a.            The Ashcan Group

b.            Four Square Mile

c.             Harlem Renaissance

d.            Black Power Movement





35.          One of the principal influences on the rise of pop art was a. mass advertising.

b.            computers.

c.             digital imaging.

d.            language theory.


36.          The belief that the Church should support the drive for socialism in Latin America is called


a.            speak out

b.            activist

c.             emancipation d. liberation


37.          Jacques Ellul asserts that technology has created a “psychological collectivism” that has a. robbed humankind of freedom and self esteem.

b.            enabled technocrats to replace philosophers.

c.             allowed archetypes to emerge from the human consciousness.

d.            made the world into a global village.


38.          Dillard suggests that nature is

a.            unpredictable and inconsistent.

b.            comprehensible and transparent.

c.             violent and merciless.

d.            peaceful and benevolent.


39.          The poet whose concerns about nature are global in reach is a. Snyder.

b.            Walcott.

c.             Paz.

d.            Oates.


40.          Which of these is NOT among the neorealist artists of the late twentieth century:

a.            Close

b.            Estes

c.             Hanson d. Kiefer


41.          Digital computers were first used widely in the a. 1950s.

b. 1990s.

c. 1930s.

d. 1970s.


42.          The meaning of the African proverb, “let the hawk perch and let the eagle perch,” that best suits the situation in the story “Dead Man’s Path” is

a.            the old ways of the village are superior to the modern ways of the headmaster.

b.            the headmaster and his wife should both be respected. c. old and new regulations should be allowed to coexist.

d. the village priest is opposed to the school regulations.


43.          Monumentalizing “the excess of the world” in assembled sculptures was the ambition of a. Rauschenberg.

b.            Stella.

c.             Johns.




d.            Warhol.


44.          Virginia Woolf, a passionate feminist, argued that women must first seek             rather than economic power.

a.            recognition

b.            head of household

c.             families d. political


45.          The technique that Warhol employed to achieve the commercial image was

a.            engraving.

b.            lithograph.

c.             woodcut. d. silkscreen.


46.          Jazz, which began in New Orleans, had its origins in ALL BUT which of the following?

a.            ragtime

b.            European marching bands

c.             African tribal dance d. French art songs


47.          The first African-American woman to serve as Poet Laureate of the United States is

a.            Maya Angelou b. Rita Dove

c. Hilary Swinton

d. Eleanor Rushing


48.          A turning point in the change of rock music into a more sophisticated medium was the performance career of

a.            Bill Haley. b. the Beatles.

c. Little Richard.

d. Elvis Presley.


49.          Cisnero’s “No Speak English” suggests that          shapes identity.

a.            ethnicity

b.            thoughts

c.             identity d. language


50.          Pop Art was born in Englandand flourished in the

a.            1980s in London.

b.            1960s in Paris.

c.             1960s in New York.

d.            1970s in Berlin.














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