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Homework answers / question archive / Motlow State Community College - SPEECH 1010 Exercise II

Motlow State Community College - SPEECH 1010 Exercise II

Health Science

Motlow State Community College - SPEECH 1010

Exercise II.D.Understanding the Group Experience

1)Describe an experience you have had in completing a group project (does not have to be school related). Describe the purpose of the group.



  1. Describe how this group moved through the formation phase as defined on page 186 in the text.


  1. List and explain at least norms existed for this particular group? These may be general or role norms as explained on page 188 in the text. Also explain what happened if any of these norms were broken.



  1. Explain how this group made decisions using one of the methods discussed on pages 200-202.


  1. Using the behaviors discussed on pages 223-224, explain if the meetings were productive or unproductive.


  1. Now let's explore the leadership of the group.


    1. Explain if the leader was assigned or assumed using the definitions explained on page217 in the text.
    2. Explain the source of the leader's power according to the types discussed on page226 in the text.
    3. Explain what style of leadership was used according to the styles discussed on page218 in the text.


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