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Homework answers / question archive / SEP (team assignment) 20 points Complete a Systems Engineering Plan briefing

SEP (team assignment) 20 points Complete a Systems Engineering Plan briefing

Project Management

SEP (team assignment) 20 points Complete a Systems Engineering Plan briefing. In your presentation, address all the details required to execute your project. Include an introduction, describe the scope of the project, and describe your approach for managing the technical issues. Describe your team’s organizational structure with roles, responsibilities and relationships of all members. Present the overall approach to include a detailed schedule with key events and control gates along with a time-phased budget, project status and control strategy. Include a risk management plan overview, configuration management plan overview, quality management plan, resources management plan, contractor/vendor plan and LOE plan. See the grading rubric in the Project tab and see paragraph 2.0 for a recommended outline. Each team only needs to submit 1 deliverable. The briefing should be 20 slides (the introductory content and list of references do not count). The presentation should be 20-25 minutes. You can use backup slides for your supporting work. Make sure you document your sources, cite references, and provide a list of references consistent with the SE Writing Guide. Ensure you have a team name, title page, agenda and list of acronyms. For the content that was not submitted as a graded assignment, consider: A. Risk management plan for the project. 1. A brief description of how risks will be identified, analyzed, tracked, and managed. The process should be tailored for this project. Ensure you address software risk. 2. Discuss the project risk organization. Who is responsible for the risk management plan? Identify some roles, tasks and responsibilities.

3. Using Innoslate, identify the top 5 risks for the project. Explain the top 3, why they are the top three and describe the probability and impact of these as well as your mitigation approach for each. B. Configuration management plan. 1. Discuss the project configuration management organization. Who is responsible for the configuration management plan? What are the roles and responsibilities? 2. What configuration management activities will be included in the plan? In Innoslate, develop a process diagram and explain how you will monitor and control changes. 3. Identify at least 5 potential configuration items and explain why they are CI. C. Quality management plan 1. Identify at least 2 quality objectives. Explain how you identified them as quality objectives. Who is responsible to ensure you achieve the objectives? 2. Create a quality management process diagram. Ensure it shows how you will collect data for continuous improvement. Ensure it shows how you will do quality control in production (integration of Segways with COTS items) 3. Explain the quality process (at the most 4 paragraphs). What are the roles and responsibilities for quality? D. Resources management plan: 1. Draft the resource management plan. Discuss the assumptions and constraints. 2. Personnel and staff resources. What are the roles and objectives of personnel? Update your organization chart from your individual assignments. Update the staffing plan from your individual assignments – allocate the staff to WBS. Explain how it will change over time? Update the LRC. 2. In a MS Project report, identify the key resources (equipment, facilities, raw materials, etc.) associated with a WBS element, quantity of resource, and date needed. You should have some narrative to describe each resource. E. Contract and vendor management plan. 1. Identify assumptions, constraints and basic policies (to include roles) for the major contracting actions you anticipate in support of your project 2. Explain how you would contract for the Segway, tow package, batteries, storage container, GPS, charging station, motor and supplies, and the service contract for GPS or however the satellite signal is provided (what contract type is best suited for each? Why do you say that?). 3. Discuss any other material, facility or staff you need to contract? If there are none, explain why. F. LOE You can use this reference to define LOE for your project: The Role of Experimentation in Building Future Naval Forces (2004) Chapter: 2 Experimentation--What It Means Limited-objective experiment (LOE): A relatively narrowly focused warfighting experiment that may be carried out by the Navy, Marines, or the U.S. Joint Forces Command, designed to explore a single issue or capability, not embedded in the fleet or in Marine units of significant size Briefly discuss the LOE plan (2 paragraphs) and the primary testing roles for the project (1 paragraph). Give example of measures and relate them to the requirements.

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