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MGT 6303-20

Project Management

MGT 6303-20.01.00-3A22-S1, Project Stakeholders

By the end of this unit you should be able to:

Determine the processes of leading a team.

Recommend processes of project stakeholder management.

Organize a simple stakeholder management plan.

Measure alignment between stakeholders’ needs, expectations, and project objectives.

Examine team performance through application of emotional intelligence.

Evaluate appropriate conflict resolution strategies.

Examine engaging stakeholders in global environments.

Recommend ethical guidelines for project communication.


To aid you in accomplishing these goals, you will need to complete the following graded activities:

Items Needed:


1 Course Project where you create a stakeholder engagement monitor and control plan


1 PowerPoint Presentation with a minimum of 10 slides (excluding the cover and references slides) summarizing each part of the course project completed this term


Instructions 1

Part 8: Stakeholder Engagement Monitor and Control Plan

For the project selected in Unit I, create a simple stakeholder engagement monitor and control plan. (See unit 1 essay below.) Your plan should follow the process for managing and monitoring stakeholder engagement, as referred to in Figures 9.1 and 9.2 in the textbook (see figures below). Your plan should include an introduction, and should answer the following questions:


  • What specific soft skills will you employ in managing project stakeholders?
  • What ground rules will you establish for managing project stakeholders?
  • What types of meetings do you plan to have with project stakeholders? How often do you plan to hold them?
  • How will you manage change requests from stakeholders?
  • How will you monitor stakeholders and levels of stakeholder engagement?
  • How will you manage changes to stakeholder requirements?
  • What historical documents will you update in the process of managing and monitoring stakeholders?

Create the stakeholder management and control plan that addresses ALL the questions above. Feel free to use tables, graphics, or document template examples to summarize your policy and approach. As a guide to depth, your stakeholder management and control plan should be a minimum of two pages in length. If you use tables, you may either create your table in Word and include it at the end of the document, or submit it as a separate Excel file.

Adhere to the 7th edition APA Style when constructing this assignment, including in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. Please note that no abstract is needed. Only use the above book as a reference source.

This formal paper example provided by the CSU Writing Center shows this type of formatting.

Instructions 2

Course Project, Executive Summary

For the project selected in Unit I, prepare a PowerPoint presentation of a minimum of 10 slides to provide an executive summary briefing. The minimum number of slides does not count the title slide or the references slide. The presentation should summarize each part of the course project that you developed throughout this course. The goal of the briefing PowerPoint presentation is to offer a succinct yet comprehensive view of your project stakeholder and communication plan. This includes the following elements:

  • Part 1: Project Selection, Stakeholder Identification, And Stakeholder Analysis
  • Part 2: Resource Management Plan and RACI (responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed) Chart
  • Part 3: Communication Plan
  • Part 4: Stakeholder Plan
  • Part 5: Resource Acquisition Plan
  • Part 6: Team Development Plan
  • Part 7: Team Performance Reporting
  • Part 8: Stakeholder Engagement Monitor and Control Plan (from the assignment also in this unit) (See all essays below 1 – 7) Please correct where necessary.

Adhere to APA Style when constructing this assignment, including in-text citations and references for all sources that are used.

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