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Homework answers / question archive / The following information pertains to Carlton Company

The following information pertains to Carlton Company


The following information pertains to Carlton Company. Assume that all balance sheet amounts represent both average and ending balance figures. Assume that all sales were on credit Assets Cash and short-term investments Accounts receivable (net) $ 40,000 Inventory 25,000 20,000 Property, plant and equipment 210.000 Total Assets $295.000 Lisbilities and Stockholders' Equity Current liabilities 60,000 Long-term liabilities 85,000 - Stockholders' equity-common 150.000 Total Liabilities and stockholders' equity Income Statement Sales $ 85.000 Cost of goods sold 45.000 Gross margin 40,000 Operating expenses 20.000 Net income Number of shares of common stock 6,000000 Market price of common stock $20 Dividends per share 0.90 Cash provided by operations $30,000 What is the current ratio for this company? Round your answer to one decimal point a 0.60 b. 0.80 6. 1.16 d. 1.42 ????

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