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Homework answers / question archive / Compose a 1750 words assignment on the main ideas of the bush doctrine

Compose a 1750 words assignment on the main ideas of the bush doctrine


Compose a 1750 words assignment on the main ideas of the bush doctrine. Needs to be plagiarism free! The first principle relates to rejection of moral equivalency concerning international affairs, whereby the Bush Doctrine contends that there is a need for moral judgment in international affairs. In fact, the Bush Doctrine asserts that liberal democratic regimes are superior to tyrannies1. The other principle of Bush Doctrine concerns the repudiation of social work concerning the theory of terrorism, and belief of economic factors such as poverty and hunger that are regarded to be the cause of the phenomenon. In fact, Bush Doctrine is based on the assertion that terrorism led to 9/11 and precursors that were both against United States and Israel as a way of destroying western liberalism2. Moreover, this ideology is considered dangerous like fascism and communism, which prevailed during the Second World War3. Therefore, this doctrine is also considered the source of 9/11, and the aggression related to culture of tyranny that prevails in the Middle East, and generates fanatics, aggressiveness, and religious despotism. The other principle relates to recognition that after terrorism attack in September 11 conventional approaches to threats, suppression and preclusion and responses of ex post where rendered insufficient. Therefore, inadequacy prevailed in situations requiring efforts to deal with terrorism and rouge regime seeking to weapons of mass destruction. Bush Doctrine gave the rights to undertake preventive war to United States, and the international laws and norms, which embraces the right of a nation to launch strike to another nation that is imminent, hence rejecting the right of preventive war4. Bush doctrine was also considered an innovation attributed to neo-conservatism. hence, it was historical, whereby it can be described as a fusing power of America to principles that ensures the survival of principles and propagation for the benefits of the human beings. The doctrine also applies to American statecraft from the foundation of the Republic since. the principles of America are founding and significant for determining the foreign policies in U.S.A. Nonetheless, there are implications of the argument relates to linear progression from pronouncement of sovereignty by Bush as an attempt to initiate democratization process in Iraq. Iraq War in 2003 as the ultimate test of the Doctrine in practice The war in Iraq was a definitive test for the Bush Doctrine in practice, since it was initiated through a justified invasion that was in accordance with the doctrine of “pre-emption”, which refers to prevention of terrorist attack upon America. There was an assertion that the regime in Iraq was in possession of weapons of mass destruction, which were likely to be applied in as chemical weapons, to be sold to terrorist such as al Qeada5. Nevertheless, Iraq has been a primary example of rivalry towards American as the most critical part of the world since the Gulf war, though there are efforts by Americans to alter the situation with a global strategy6. In fact, the change of Iraq regime was justified as morally and pre-emptive act aim at defending Americans, through the intention was considered geo-political, whereby controlling the most significant Arab nation and its oil resources7. This gave United States significant power as a nation and beyond other nations in Europe, central Asia and China.

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