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Homework answers / question archive / Write an article on Models of Crisis Intervention, It needs to be at least 1250 words

Write an article on Models of Crisis Intervention, It needs to be at least 1250 words


Write an article on Models of Crisis Intervention, It needs to be at least 1250 words. Schools and camps are ideal focal points for child victims. Crisis intervention is simply collaborating with the community and harnessing its resources. Crisis intervention tries to mitigate the psychological and social effects of disasters. It restores equilibrium. creatively solve problems under untaxed resources. Crisis intervention can include activities that are not associated with normal traditional mental care like physical needs assistance, financial matters, shelter, and family reunions (Walsh, 2009). To achieve these goals, there should be good collaborative efforts by schools, clinics, community agencies, and families of the victims. In response to this, scholars developed models that can manage the crises. These models include the Camp Noah model, psychological first aid among others (Kronenberg et al., 2008).

A crisis is an occurrence where people face problems that are difficult to solve according to Kronenberg et al (2008). It leads to tensions, anxieties, and the inability of an organization to function properly. A natural disaster can be a good classical example. Its management is critical to rehabilitate the situation or return it to its original form. This paper identifies a specific crisis and determines the intervention model that suits it. This piece of work compares three models: psychological first aid and faith-based interventions (Camp Noah). Most important is to consider the perceptions of victims and relief workers before developing any given model. Cultural context as well as faiths of the casualties is equally important in developing the models. Scholars hold different explanations of these models, which the paper explores in different kinds of literature.

This model is important when managing a natural disaster crisis. It looks at the first responders’ needs, victims, and management as a whole (Walsh, 2009). A good example is looking at the needs of the Red Cross, which is famous worldwide, and its victims. Respondents involve a large group including police officers, rescue workers, firefighters, humanitarian groups, and anyone available to give a hand in a crisis. Kronenberg et al. (2008) state that the model entails education, peer support, speedy recovery, and range of care and accessibility of mental health. As the above scholars discuss, first responders ought to be strong for the situation. Conditions of the casualties should never scare the respondents.

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