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Homework answers / question archive / Liberty University - BUSINESS BMAL 590 ALC 9

Liberty University - BUSINESS BMAL 590 ALC 9


Liberty University - BUSINESS BMAL 590

ALC 9.3.

1)Which of the following is not necessary to compute posterior probabilities?

    1. the sum of all P(sj and Ii)’s    
    2. EMV
    3. likelihood probabilities          
    4. P(Ii | sj)
  1. When the objective is to compare more than two populations, the experimental design that is the counterpart of the matched pairs experiment is called a _______.
  2. Which of the following probabilities is equal to the significance level A?
  3. The difference between a sample mean and the population mean is called _____.
  4. A summary measure that is computed from a sample to describe a characteristic of the population is called _____.
  5. The F-statistic in a one-way ANOVA represents the ______. 
  6. Which of the following is an example of a non-sampling error?
  7. When every possible sample with the same number of observations is equally likely to be chosen, the result is called a ________.
  8. In a _____ sample, the population is divided into layers; then a simple random sample of members from each layer is selected.
  9. Which of the following would be considered a state of nature for a business firm?
  10. The analysis of variance is a procedure that allows statisticians to compare two or more population ______.
  11. When is the Turkey multiple comparison method used?
  12. An approach of assigning probabilities, which assumes that all outcomes of the experiment are equally likely is referred to as the ______.
  13. If two random samples of sizes n1 and n2 are selected independently from two populations with means m1 and m2, then the mean of x1-x2 equals ______.
  14. The expected value of sample information (EVSI) is the difference between ___.
  15. In a criminal trial where the null hypothesis states that the defendant is innocent, a type II error is made when _____.
    1. a guilty defendant is found not guilty
    2. an innocent person is found guilty    
    3. a guilty defendant is found guilty                  
    4. an innocent person is found not guilty
  16. When data are collected in a statistical study for only a portion or subset of all elements of interest we are using a ______.
  17. If all possible samples of size n are drawn from an infinite population with a mean of U and a standard deviation of A, then the standard error of the sample mean is inversely proportional to ______.
  18. When a person receives an email questionnaire and places it in their deleted items without responding they are contributing to _____.
    1. Sampling error
    2. Response error
    3. Non-response error
    4. Non-sampling error
  19. If a sample containing 30 observations is taken from a normally distributed population and a 98% confidence estimate for U is needed, the appropriate t-score is _____.


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