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Homework answers / question archive / 1) All of the following individuals would likely be SDLC participants EXCEPT: a

1) All of the following individuals would likely be SDLC participants EXCEPT: a


1) All of the following individuals would likely be SDLC participants EXCEPT:

a. accountants.

 b. shareholders.

c. management.

d. programmers.

 e. all of the above.  


2. The bill of lading is prepared by the:


3. A chart of accounts would best be coded using a(n) ______________ coding scheme.


4. A coding scheme in the form of acronyms and other combinations that convey meaning is a(n):


5. A DDos attack:


6. A digital signature:


7. A documentation tool that depicts the physical flow of information relating to a particular transaction through an organization is a:


8. A documentation tool used to represent the logical elements of a system is a(n):


9. A feasibility study for a new computer system should:


10. Hackers can disguise their message packets to look as if they came from an authorized user and gain access to the host's network using a technique called:


 11. In the context of the TELOS acronym, technical feasibility refers to whether:


12. A message that is contrived to appear to be coming from a trusted or authorized source is called:


14. One-time costs of system development include all of the following EXCEPT:


15. A ping signal is used to initiate:


17. A program that attaches to another legitimate program but does NOT replicate itself is called a:


18. Real-time systems might be appropriate for all of the following EXCEPT:


19. Sequential access means that:


20. Sequential file processing will not permit:


21. Sniffer software is:


22. The TELOS acronym is often used for determining the need for system changes. Which of the following types of feasibility studies are elements of TELOS?


23. The TELOS study that determines whether a project can be completed in an acceptable time frame is:


24. Transmitting numerous SYN packets to a targeted receiver, but NOT responding to an ACK, is form of:


25. A user's application may consist of several modules stored in separate memory locations, each with its own data. One module must not be allowed to destroy or corrupt another module. This is an objective of:

26. What name is given to the time value of money technique that discounts the after-tax cash flows for a project over its life to time period zero using the company's minimum desired rate of return?


27. When will a credit check approval most likely require specific authorization by the credit department?


28. Which document is not prepared by the sales department?


29. Which document triggers the update of the inventory subsidiary ledger?


30. Which file has as its primary purpose to provide historical financial data for comparative financial reports?


31. Which function or department below records the decrease in inventory due to a sale?

32. Which function should not be performed by the billing department?


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