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Homework answers / question archive / Assessment 2Assessment Type: Written Group Report 3,000 words

Assessment 2Assessment Type: Written Group Report 3,000 words


Assessment 2Assessment Type: Written Group Report 3,000 words.Purpose: This assessment allows you to demonstrate your ability to research, critically analyse trends and issues in your topic, and communicate your findings. The assessment also allows you to further develop your team work and professional communication skills. This assessment relates to learning outcomes a, b, c, and d.Value: 35% Due Date: Friday Week 9 by 5pm.Submission: Soft copy uploaded to Moodle and Turnitin – Word .doc or .docx.Assessment topic: Establishing a long-term, strategic, business relationship with an Organisation Task details:Content Description: The company you are working for in Australia would like to form a relationship with a business in another country. As you are student interns of the business and have studied Communication in Business with students of different nationalities, the managers have identified you as appropriate people to write a report to assist a team from your organisation who will be going to the other Country to strike a business deal. Below is the email you received from the manager of the International Business Practice Group at your company.To: Communication in Business student interns of ABC company From: Report on Intercultural CommunicationDear Student Interns,As you are aware, ABC Company is planning to establish a long-term, strategic, business relationship with an organisation in China.Given your studies in Business Communication and your expertise in intercultural communication, you have been commissioned to prepare a set of guidelines that ABC employees can use to communicate effectively with people from China in a workplace context focussing on cultural differences. Your report will help us design an International Business Education Program for training the team in intercultural communication.Your report, written in plain English, should be a formal document which outlines the following:1. The challenges of potential cross-cultural miscommunication the team will face when they go to that Country (this should be explained using either Hofstede’s cultural dimensions or the GLOBE Models of Culture.2. The Business Etiquette and the steps that ABC Team can take to make a favourable first impression when meeting the team of a different Country and thereby increase the success of future business arrangements.The report should give them some of the key information they should know to enable them to operate in the different cultural environment. This may include both specific information about the culture and general information about working with people from other cultures.As student interns, this is a chance for you to prove your worth to your company. Use this opportunity to show what you know about intercultural communication and effective workplace communication practices.Assessment requirement: In a group of three - four, provide a 3,000+_10% word group report. To complete the report, each student must use a minimum of 10 scholarly references that have been written in the last five years and are credible and reliable.BUS709 COMMUNICATION IN BUSINESS T220 30/06/2020 12:24 PAGE 12 OF 21 *AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT PTY LTD © ABN: 72 132 629 979 CRICOS 03171A Approved by KOI Academic Board for T2 2020
BUS709 Assignment Format:o Group Cover Page o Table of contentso Executive summary o Introductiono Discussiono Conclusiono RecommendationsMarks will be awarded for the comprehensiveness of your research, your awareness intercultural communication, and report format and structure. Please use Times New Roman 12pt, Calibri 11pt or Arial 10pt.Assignment Submission: Upload on Moodle via TurnitinAssignment Alarm: You can check the assessments similarity by submitting it to Turnitin prior to the due date. However, you cannot make a resubmission after the due date, hence don’t make a mistake in submitting the wrong file.

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