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Homework answers / question archive / 1) Which of the following statements reflects the process of colonization? It accelerated because of the natural advances of the Atlantic region

1) Which of the following statements reflects the process of colonization? It accelerated because of the natural advances of the Atlantic region



Which of the following statements reflects the process of colonization?

It accelerated because of the natural advances of the Atlantic region.

It began with the Silk Road that connected Europe with Asia.

It transforms an item into a product with a monetary value to buy and sell.

It was driven by a desire for raw materials to enrich and expand European empires.


Why did it take the New York colonists nearly 20 years to establish a legislature?

The colonists wished to prove that they could be successful without a strong government.

The Duke of York controlled the colony and didn't care to listen to colonists.

The colonists were too divided among themselves to establish a central government.

New York was still under the direct control of the English Crown and Parliament.


In what way did the Crusades start a chain of events that led to European discovery of the New World?

They caused Europeans to give up efforts at conquering Asia and look for new lands to conquer in the west.

They facilitated an intellectual exchange with cultures that already knew about the New World.

They blocked trade routes between Europe and Asia and prevented silks and spices from reaching Europe.

They led to increased movement between Europe and Asia that resulted in new trade networks.



Which of the following were featured prominently in the economy of the northern colonies?

The slave trade

Cash crops like sugar and tobacco

Agriculture and livestock

Books and the ideas they contained


Which native civilization practiced sacrificial rites that involved the removal of a living person's heart?

The Pueblo

The Olmec

The Aztec

The Maya


Which of the following was a source of tension between English colonists and Native Americans?

Colonists and various native groups sought to exploit each other to further their own ends.

Native Americans killed colonists indiscriminately, but the reverse was not true.

Native Americans and colonists competed for control of the tobacco market.

The growing Native American population placed pressure on colonial settlements.


Which country eventually came to dominate the Atlantic slave trade?






Which of the following historians is collecting archaeological evidence?

Lacey watches a documentary about the history of Haiti and its role in the sugar industry.

Lamar analyzes the foundations of buildings that made up part of an early Spanish town in northern Haiti.

Lorrainne reviews ships' passenger lists and makes a map of where European immigrants to Haiti came from.

Lucien speaks with residents of Haiti about how it has changed over the last hundred years.


Which of the following beliefs was advanced by the Puritans?

By reading scripture, individuals can determine whether or not they have been chosen by God to be saved.

The Americas are a promised land specially reserved by God for Puritans.

Henry VIII's break with the Catholic Church should not be felt by ordinary people going about their religion.

The pope is the lawful head of the whole church, not Henry VIII or any other national leader.


"If the natives do not submit to our total and absolute authority, we will destroy them and take their lands."

The above statement is most representative of which group of European explorers?






Why did immigrants from England and elsewhere enter into indentured servitude?

Immigrants hoped that a period of indentured servitude would lead to a new, prosperous life in the Americas.

Most indentured servants were tricked or even kidnapped and forced into service.

Indentured servitude in the New World exempted one from required military service back home.

Indentured servants were all promised 50 acres of land upon completion of their term of service.


Which of the following factors had the greatest impact on life for the natives after the arrival of Europeans?

New diseases

Private land ownership

European aggression

Advanced weaponry


"How did religious and cultural beliefs influence the Salem Witch Trials?"

Consider the above research question and choose the secondary source that is best suited to answer it.

An encyclopedia entry that provides details about social hierarchy in colonial Massachusetts

A historian’s recent, peer-reviewed article about the factors behind the accusations

A best-selling historical novel about an accused witch in Salem

A documentary from the 1960s about Puritanism in the New World


Which of the following statements is true?

Names and dates are the most important aspects of studying history.

The way historians write about the same events changes over time.

The same events lead to the same historical narratives.

History is best described as a timeline of people and events.


How did French Jesuits encourage the spread of Christianity in the Americas?

By gathering natives into enclosed missions

By threatening to kill natives who didn't convert

By settling large numbers of priests throughout New France

By living in native villages


Which English colony was founded in 1634 as a second source of tobacco production with a charter from King Charles I?


Massachusetts Bay




Choose the statement that best describes why slavery became racialized in the Americas.

African nations began to outlaw slavery, and slave traders sought a new market for slaves.

The idea of chattel slavery remained rare in Africa and Europe, and the New World followed suit.

African workers refused to work for a wage in the Americas, so they were enslaved.

The success of plantations was dependent on a permanent and identifiable labor supply.


Fabiola gives a presentation on the relationship between antibiotics and changes in quality of life in 20th century America.

Which of the following is most likely a lens with which she is analyzing the past?





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