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Homework answers / question archive / Complete 14 pages APA formatted article: Rugby House-ARP

Complete 14 pages APA formatted article: Rugby House-ARP


Complete 14 pages APA formatted article: Rugby House-ARP. Structurally, ARP consists of a senior group of directors which govern the activities of mid-level managers. It is typically a top-down hierarchy where decisions about how to provide community support and the internal activities of workers and volunteers are created. ARP consists of a centralised business structure where decision-making is generated in middle-layers and higher levels of management. The senior leadership coordinates the different programmes in use to provide alcohol treatment and housing services and these decisions outline the generic activities of lower-level support employees on a daily basis. Middle-level managers generally gather insight from the lower level support groups for any internal changes to programmes which are of concern, making the organisation more efficient internally.

ARP also provides training to its workers in the areas of alcohol prevention so that they are equipped with the social and psychological skills necessary to assist what are considered to be at-risk groups. In the process of providing alcohol treatment and housing support services, generic community counselling is necessary which suggests the importance of having a positive view on racial, age and gender diversity as well. These support workers also provide the majority of the prevention literature when those in need of treatment need statistics or encouragement.

What does all of this spell out? ARP seeks to be creative in its efforts to provide treatment to those in need by creating an environment where care is an organisation-wide initiative in order to assist people in becoming independent of reliance on alcohol. This is done through innovation, a company which appears to be focused on surpassing excellence in this area, and efforts to enhance community relationships.

The clients of ARP include certain at-risk groups and groups which are currently seeking alcohol treatment or support housing, including ex-military citizens. In many ways,&nbsp.the community itself is a stakeholder as the prevention of alcohol abuse is a community problem, thus they have a stake in how this organisation is managed and coordinated.&nbsp.

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