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Homework answers / question archive / Write 7 pages thesis on the topic mirroring as a fault tolerant system

Write 7 pages thesis on the topic mirroring as a fault tolerant system


Write 7 pages thesis on the topic mirroring as a fault tolerant system. Understanding the different components as a part of shadowing and mirroring as well as how it can be used to assist in databases can provide individuals with more alternatives for building the database security needed while creating higher levels of fault tolerance. The need to examine the benefits and disadvantages of the mirroring system is also required. This provides an evolution toward the main approach of mirroring and shadowing for more advanced technology that is currently being built for end-users.

Several types of technologies are available and used for the shadowing and mirroring fault – tolerance system. Each of these can work together to provide complete functioning within the system while allowing the backup system created to work more efficiently. The first technology used is from the physical aspects of the system. The mirroring built through a hardware system is placed into the main drive of the computer. This divides by a coupled multiprocessor with modules that carry dual paths. The cross-section and double paths as a part of the mirroring then create a way for data to move from one component to another. These interface with dual-ported controllers and a disc subsystem that allows the data controlled with where it goes and how the information can mirror. The storage then takes place in the disc subsystem to provide complete backup to the system. Newer physical properties built from remote servers are also available. These specific options allow end-users to immediately back-up data through an online portal connected through a remote server. The information moves into a storage space by connecting from one network to the computer so one can save all applicable information.

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