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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 6 pages paper on advertising: principles & practice

Write a 6 pages paper on advertising: principles & practice


Write a 6 pages paper on advertising: principles & practice. An effective advertisement must establish robust brand awareness, create a recall and an accurate image for the brand which the marketers want the consumers to believe (Moriarty et al, 2012. Kotler et al, 2009. Wells et al, 2006).

For an advertisement to be good, it must present a certain unique aspect whether through creativity, by its imagery, or by the brand or product which it is featuring. Besides this, the basic objective of an advertisement is to educate and inform an audience of the presence of a product. In some cases, it is just to create a buzz in the market so as to refute competition. Each type of ad suits different situations that a brand or a product is facing. Some advertisements are persuasive while others tend to be just informative. Some ads aim to trigger fear (such as public service messages to discourage use to demerit goods) while some ads aim to boost sales. However, not all advertisements’ aim is to promote a product or to leverage sales. Some advertisements’ objective is to create a brand out of a product. This is done by designing the elements of an ad in such a way that is relevant to the target market’s preferences (Moriarty et al, 2012. Kotler et al, 2009. Wells et al, 2006. Keller, 1998).

The attached advertisement is for a brand called Berlei which deals in ladies undergarments. Berlei belongs to the Berlei Group which is operative in Australia and is a division of Pacific Brands. The brand’s USP is the comfort that it provides women from wearing Berlei. All of its communications highlight this Unique Selling Proposition. The attached print ad will be critically examined and the elements which are included and promoted in the latter will be reviewed (Berlei (N.Z.) Ltd., 1950).

From the attached ad, it can be observed that the target market which Berlei has selected is females in the age group 18 to 35 years. This is done because the market of Australia does not like to associate themselves with an aging brand. Because of this fact, along with the threat from competition, Berlei had to reposition itself to use females from the above-mentioned age group.

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