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Question 1) The U

Health Science

Question 1)

The U.S. healthcare delivery system has numerous stakeholders. In terms of financial power, control of delivery system parameters for the majority of Americans, and influence on consumers and providers of health care, which of the following pairs of stakeholders is the most influential:



Question 2


"Meaningful use" of electronic health records is best described as:





Question 3

U.S. annual health care expenditures far outstrip those of 7 other developed nations. In relationship with expenditures, U.S. health population status ranking on critical indicators in comparison with those other developed nations is:




Question 4


Americans spend $9 billion + each year on alternative and complementary therapies. This trend has caused:




Question 5


In the past, patient behaviors within the health care delivery system were formed from the authoritarian positions of better-educated providers who expected patients to be compliant and grateful. Today, health care providers and consumers:




Question 6


Long term care needs of older, chronically ill Americans pose a particular delivery system challenge because:




Question 7


Of the levels of prevention associated with the natural history of disease, primary prevention refers to:




Question 8


Potential conflicts of interest occur when physicians own or invest in businesses (e.g. diagnostic, medical supply companies) to which they can refer patients to generate profits. In response to these physician conflict of interest issues:




Question 9

In the natural history of a disease, the pre-pathogenesis period refers to:




Question 10


The major health care advances of the second half of the 20th century were in the area of: 




Question 11


The Medicaid program has a history of very low reimbursement as compared with Medicare reimbursement; critics site low Medicaid reimbursement as a major reason that primary care doctors have rejected serving the Medicaid population. An ACA provision addresses this issue by:




Question 12


The American Medical Association's initial reaction to Blue Cross hospital insurance plans suggested that the plans: 




Question 13


The most significant social legislation passed by any Congress in the history of the United States was the:




Question 14


A central provision of the ACA to assure health care coverage for most Americans is:




Question 15


The central provision of the HITECH Act of 2009 was:








Question 16


Blue Cross Hospital Insurance, the predominant form of health insurance for decades, was modeled after:




Question 17


The Oregon Death with Dignity Act was a response to which of the following?




Question 18


As early as the 19th century some Americans carried "health insurance" through employers, fraternal orders, guilds, trade associations, unions or commercial insurance companies. However unlike health insurance of today, these insurance policies only provided for:




Question 19


Establishment of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology in 2004 was the federal government's first step toward creating:





Question 20


This important Act in 1973 attempted to hold down costs by moving from fee-for-service to promoting health and preventing illness:




Question 21

The majority of financing in the US Health Care system comes from: 




Question 22


To receive incentive payments for demonstrating "meaningful use," providers must meet criteria in three stages of EHR implementation.  In what stage must providers meet objectives for "capturing patient data and sharing data in a standardized format with patients and other health care professionals?"




 Question 23


The single most important factor in accelerating health information technology adoption since 2008 has been:





Question 24


HIPAA implementation introduced several new provisions beneficial to individuals.  Other than the privacy provision concerning patient data, which other was an important provision? 





Question 25


A health information exchange architecture that is designed for all institutions to periodically send copies of their clinical data to one central repository. 




Question 26


Two primary issues that concerned many regarding the ACA: 




Question 27


The two objectives of any health care delivery system, according to Shi & Singh:




Question 28

Which of the following is NOT considered on of the main determinants of health:






Question 29


The AMA interest group has been vocal about which issue(s) facing physicians:






Question 30


The US health care system is unlike any in the world because:




Question 31


This key Act provided financial incentive programs for physicians to buy, install and adopt EHR systems.




Question 32

Integrated health systems or ____________ have been a key provision in the ACA; these systems better coordinate care and improve quality. 





Question 33


As part of the ACA, health insurance companies will be held accountable by ensuring that premium dollars are spent primarily on health care, by generally requiring that at least _____% of all premium dollars collected by insurance companies for large employer plans are spent on health care services and quality improvement. 




 Question 34


A major challenge of creating health information systems using data from many different sources is the feature known as "interoperability." The solution applied to achieving interoperability has been the development of:




Question 35


Policies that call on the government to prescribe and control behavior of a group of individuals in which sanctions are imposed for noncompliance:




Question 36

Which of the following is synonymous with an EHR?




Question 37


This level of prevention consists of rehabilitation and maximizing remaining functional capacity when disease has occurred and left residual damage; the most costly, labor-intensive aspect of medical care:




Question 38


The US spends approximately what percentage of its GDP on health care?





Question 39


A physician who sends a prescription electronically to the pharmacy is an example of which type of HIT?




Question 40


A health information exchange architecture that is designed for all institutions to maintain copies of their own data at their site in the format used by the HIE and give other institutions access to their database.  






Question 41


Policies that benefit only certain groups of people by taking money from one group and using it to benefit another (i.e. Medicaid)



Question 42


One of the first, most influential "plans" for hospital coverage, which generated the Blue Cross hospital insurance: 




Question 43


The use of wireless communication devices to support public health and clinical practice:









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