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Homework answers / question archive / 1)Americans spent $9 billion + each year on alternative and complementary therapies

1)Americans spent $9 billion + each year on alternative and complementary therapies

Health Science

1)Americans spent $9 billion + each year on alternative and complementary therapies. This trend has caused?






  1. Common features of managed care included all of the following except.


  1. Education of the community to change attitudes toward cancer, increased suspicion, detection and elimination of pre-cancerous, protection against known cancer-causing agents are considered to be:


  1. In our current healthcare system, much attention is given to changing high-risk behaviors that carry extreme consequences:


  1. In the natural history of a disease, the pre-pathogenesis period refers to:


  1. In the past, patient behaviors within the health care delivery system were formed from the authoritarian positions of better-educated providers who expected patients to be computer and grateful. Today, health care providers and consumers.


  1. Long term care needs of older, chronically ill Americans pose a particular delivery system challenge because:



  1. Managed care refers to arrangements that link health care financing and service delivery and allows payers to exercise significant economic, control over now and what services are delivered.


  1. Mental health is at the top of the list when debating healthcare reform.


  1. Of the levels of prevention associated with the natural history of disease, primary prevention refers to:


  1. Physical and psychological support and rehabilitation convalescent care, or continued treatment are part of which of the following levels of prevention?


  1. Potential conflicts of interest occur when physicians own or invest in businesses (e.g. diagnostic, medical supply companies) to which they can refer patients to generate profits. In response to these physician conflict of interest issues.


  1. Recently, there has been movement among healthcare providers and consumers toward encouraging significant patient participation in health care decision.


  1. The U.S. healthcare delivery system has numerous stakeholders, in terms of financial paper, control of delivery system parameters for the majority of Americans and influence on consumers and providers of health care, which of the following pairs of stakeholders is the most influential:


  1. The US ranks poorly among industrialized countries in healthcare system wide outcome measures, such as life expectancy and infant mortality.


  1. The aging population of the US will affect every aspect of healthcare.




  1. US annual health care expenditures far outstrip of 7 other developed nations, in relationship with expenditures, US health population status ranking on critical indicators in comparison with those other developed nation is:


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