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Homework answers / question archive / 1)Although the ACA will enact sweeping U

1)Although the ACA will enact sweeping U

Health Science

1)Although the ACA will enact sweeping U.S. health care system reforms, one fundamental element of the system that will remain unchanged is:






  1. An aim of managed care is to transfer some measure of financial risk to providers and, to a lesser extent, to patients. Transferring financial risk to patients is accomplished by:


  1. As defined and required by the ACA, health insurance exchanges (HIEs), intend to:


  1. By focusing on insured populations rather than individuals, managed care organizations can project health service use by:


  1. Cost-control initiatives undertaken by managed care organizations to improve communications with chronic disease patients in the hope of avoiding unnecessary, costly care are known by the term:


  1. Despite U.S. health care spending exceeding by far, expenditures of 28 other developed nations, U.S. health outcomes lag far behind. Extensive research has concluded that reasons for high U.S. high expenditures are:


  1. Enacted in 1965 as Title XIX of the Social Security Act, Medicaid is:


  1. Enacted in 1983, the Diagnosis-related Group payment methodology shifted hospital reimbursement from the retrospective to prospective basis. The major purpose of this new payment system was to:
  2. In retrospect, implementation of the DRG system demonstrated that:


  1. Major drivers of U.S. health expenditures include:


  1. Medicaid and CHIP quality initiatives are carried out through partnerships with the respective states' programs using five quality criteria that include which of the following?


  1. The 1973 HMO legislation responded to which of the following national concerns:


  1. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services “Hospital Compare” web-based program the primary purpose of:


  1. The Medicare program enacted in 1965 as Title XVIII of the 1935 Social Security Act is characterized as the most sweeping social legislation ever enacted by the federal government because it:


  1. The basic concept of health insurance is antithetical to the premise on which personal or property insurance was historically defined because:


  1. The current highest personal care expenditure in the U.S. is for:


  1. The intent of the Medicaid Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP) was to:


  1. The “Managed care backlash” beginning in the 1990s, refers to:


  1. Under the ACA, most Americans will be required to have health insurance or be penalized with an annual tax. In the ACA legislation, this requirement is popularly known as:


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