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Homework answers / question archive / Unit 8 Assignment   Introductions COURSE # In Unit 6 you learned how to apply data extraction methods with Tableau

Unit 8 Assignment   Introductions COURSE # In Unit 6 you learned how to apply data extraction methods with Tableau

Health Science

Unit 8 Assignment




In Unit 6 you learned how to apply data extraction methods with Tableau.  In Unit 8 you will continue to apply your knowledge of database querying, data exploration and mining techniques to facilitate information retrieval.  Then you will make recommendations about organizational action based on knowledge obtained from data exploration and mining. 


Assume you are a professional at a United States public health organization designed to improve diabetes outcomes.  You will develop two research questions about Adult Diabetes; then use data exploration and mining methods to evaluate these questions.  Use the USDA_Unit8.csv dataset that has been imported into the Unit8_Assignment.twbx Tableau Packaged workbook to analyze your research questions.  


Once you analyze the data to evaluate the research questions, based on the findings you will identify ways to address the problem and who will be involved. This helps to make datadriven decisions and utilize resources in the most effective way possible.


Download the Unit 8 Assignment folder (Unit 8 from the Doc Sharing area.  


Unzip the folder to find the USDA_Unit8.csv, the blank Unit 8 Assignment template (Template-Unit_8_Assignment.doc) and the Example Tableau Packaged Workbook (Unit8_Assignment.twbx) inside. 


Open the Tableau Packaged Workbook (Unit8_Assignment.twbx).  


You will find three worksheets and a dashboard on Adult Obesity in the Tableau file.  You will discuss these visualizations during the Unit 7 seminar. 


Look at the measures available in the USDA_Unit8.csv dataset. First, write two original research questions that can be evaluated with these data.


(Remember that each research question must be about the relationship between Adult Diabetes and one of the other appropriate variables in the dataset.  You can ONLY look at correlations with these data.) 


Then, create a worksheet that illustrates the Adult Diabetes rates in the United States on a map. [Remember that you created this type of map in your 1st worksheet on the Unit 6 assignment. You can do this! Just change the variable to ‘Adult Diabetes’. J]


Next, create a 2nd worksheet to analyze the first research question and a COURSE #3rd workshe   et to analyze the second research question.  Each analysis should show the relationship between Adult Diabetes and one of the other measures. [Remember that you created two worksheets that looked at the relationship between 2 variables in the 2nd and 3rd worksheet of the Unit 6 assignment. You know how to do this! J]


The last part of your workbook is the dashboard. Create a dashboard with each of the three worksheets.  [Remember that you learned how to make a dashboard in the Unit 6 assignment. You are a competent Tableau user!!! J


Once you have completed your Tableau workbook, export as a Tableau Packaged

Workbook (a .twbx file).  Make sure you submit the .twbx file in the zip folder that you submit. 


Make sure you have renamed each worksheet and the dashboard with a description of the information presented. 


Discuss the findings to your research questions from the analysis in the dashboard.


Develop at least one recommendation for organizational action based on the findings for each research question. 


Identify decision-makers and stakeholders involved in implementing each recommendation.


Describe the communication channels that the decision-makers and stakeholders will need to use to implement the recommendations and indicate a reasonable timeline. 



Remember that this assignment should be based on your critical thinking and original ideas. 


Template— Unit 8 Assignment: Recommendations Based on Data

Title: Objective: Time Period:  

Research Question  



dations for Action/



(DM) and Other




Channel to Reach

DM & OS  
















Submitting Your Work

You will need to zip or compress the folder named ‘Unit 8 Assignment’ in order to submit the assignment.  The ‘Unit 8 Assignment’ folder should have 1) your Tableau Packaged Workbook ‘Unit8_Assignment.twbx’ with your original worksheets and dashboard and  2) your completed template; then, you will zip the folder with both files inside.  


You will need to zip the folder in order to submit the assignment in the dropbox.  Please refer to your device-specific instructions for zipping or compressing files. 


For directions on how to submit your work and review your graded assignments, refer to the Dropbox Guide found on the Academic Tools tab. Make sure that you save a copy of your submitted work.



United States Department of Agriculture. (2011). Food and nutrition service programs data. Retrieved from 


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