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Homework answers / question archive / Question 1) The market supply and demand intersect at a price of $5

Question 1) The market supply and demand intersect at a price of $5


Question 1)

The market supply and demand intersect at a price of $5. The perfectly competitive firm







Question 2


A single perfectly competitive firm has no ability to set price.




Question 3


At the short-run shutdown point




Question 4


The closest example to a perfectly competitive industry listed below would be:



Question 5


Perfectly competitive markets


Question 6


A perfectly competitive firm's demand curve is also its marginal revenue curve.



Question 7


The firm's short run supply curve in perfect competition is:


Question 8


Perfect competition is generally marked by the




Question 9


Perfectly competitive firms




Question 10


If price is below Average Variable Cost, the perfectly competitive firm is best off:




Question 11


Many industries can be evaluated using the perfectly competitive model.



Question 12


A perfectly competitive firm is best off producing where:



Question 13


Currently, the perfectly competitive firm faces a market price of $12, an ATC of $14 and an AVC of $9. Which of the following is true?




Question 14


At the breakeven point



Question 15


Which of the following is NOT part of perfect competition?

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Question 16


In perfect competition:


Question 17


Firms exit the industry in the short run if economic profit is negative.



Question 18


In the short-run a perfectly competitive firm should stay open and produce as long as:



Question 19


Perfect competition is the only market structure where P = MR.




Question 20


The perfectly competitive firm below:




Question 21


A firm will eventually exit the industry if price is below


Question 22


If the firm operates in the short run and goes out of business in the long run, then the price




Question 23


All of the following variables are used to calculate total profit except



Question 24


The perfect competitor faces a perfectly elastic demand curve

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Question 25


If firms are making economic profits under perfect competition, in the long run the market supply will ______ and price will _____.


Question 26


If all firms in a perfectly competitive market are operating where the MC = MR and there are no economic profits, then



Question 27


The perfect competitor produces at peak efficiency in the long run,



Question 28


This perfectly competitive firm's break-even point occurs at an output of





Question 29


This firm's most profitable output is at




Question 30


This firm's short-run supply curve begins at an output of





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