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Homework answers / question archive / ABC Computers Solution is Addis Ababa based company having a countrywide network

ABC Computers Solution is Addis Ababa based company having a countrywide network


ABC Computers Solution is Addis Ababa based company having a countrywide network. It is considered as a leading software & hardware supply company having a turnover of 3,000 million Birr. The company is growing rapidly and during the past year, the number of employees has increased from 250 to 350. Most of the employees are diploma and 1st degree holders in Computers, Information Systems, and Electronics and Communication. The Employees in the sales field are 1st degree holders in business management. The work is highly pressured and results-focused, in return for which large reward packages are available. The sales force in particular need strong presentation and negotiation skills since the market is very competitive. Recently, however, the company has had enormous difficulty in selecting the right caliber of staff for the sales role even though they are able to attract candidates in sufficient numbers. The HR manger analyzed the selection procedure to help provide a more successful model for the selection of the sales force. The model should allow the selection process to: Identity differences between recruits that are important to the role .Carry out the identification of differences in a reliable and consistent manner. Make valid predictions about the future performance of recruits with confidence. The findings revealed some interesting features relating to the basic skills and attitudes needed for such a role. These are: 1. The first of these factors was what is seen as "professionalism" suggested as "an ability to deal sensitively with prospective customers, being "human" rather than "clinical". 2. Style of behavior which was "Non-threatening" and non-arrogant" but also "challenging" when required. 3.Skills like tolerance for ambiguity and a capacity to empathies with prospective customers. 4. Show "pride" in working with ABC Computers Solution and their product. Using the above information, you are required to investigate an appropriate selection strategy, which should include: 1.Which selection techniques could measure the attributes identified? 2. What types of test should be made to test the caliber of candidates? 3. How the HR Manager would operate for the selection of sales force? 4.If HR manager opt for alternate methods of selection, what are problems he/she may face? Justify Your Answer

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