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Homework answers / question archive / Chapter 1 1)What is the marketing concept?                 2

Chapter 1 1)What is the marketing concept?                 2


Chapter 1

1)What is the marketing concept?









2. What is a product? What are the levels of products.

3. What are attributes? What are benefits?

4. What is a means-end chain?


5. What are the responsibilities of a product manager?

6. What is a product line? What is the product mix?

7. What is a marketing plan? What are the objectives of a marketing plan?


Chapter 2

8. What are the bases of competition?

9. What are the customer-based levels of competition?






10. What factors influence the level of competition in which product managers focus?

11. What managerial and customer-based methods can be employed to determine competition?


Chapter 3

12. What aggregate market factors influence category attractiveness?


13. What are Porter’s Five Forces? How do these forces influence category attractiveness?

14. What factors influence each force?

15. What are switching costs?


Chapter 4

16. What are the elements of a competitor analysis? (The six basic questions)

17. What are the four possible objectives at the product level?


18. What are the three major components of a marketing strategy? What is positioning?

19. What is a competitive advantage? How do companies develop sustainable competitive advantages?




Chapter 5

20. What is a consumer product? What is an industrial product?

21. What are evoked sets? What is a consideration set?

22. What is the multi-attribute model? What are the implications of the multi-attribute model?


23. What is customer value? What are the sources of customer value?

24. What is customer satisfaction?

Chapter 6

25. What is a sales forecast?



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