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Homework answers / question archive / How does witnessing domestic violence affects a child

How does witnessing domestic violence affects a child


How does witnessing domestic violence affects a child. it must have a research component and have at least two academic sources cited but i already found those, you can see them on attached annotated bibliography document.
Your submission should be a Word file, MLA style, of at least 1200 words.  It should include a Works Cited page with two academic sources and a conclusion, even if it is not the conclusion you want to put in your final draft..
Student personal message:
Will growing up with an abusive parent affect your life later on? As a child I observed domestic violence, for my father would physically and verbally abuse my mother . I was only six years old when I observed my dad get home from work and suddenly mom and dad began to argue and he began to get aggressive in front of me and my two brothers. I remember I was just observing my father’s actions, while deep inside my heart I wanted to protect my mother. I felt so powerless and full of fury for I couldn’t do anything but cry and observe. I started to have a lot of anger issues while growing up, not only did I have anger issues but I also felt like I was very sensitive to everything that I was told , I couldn’t take a joke or even let someone insult me. I would become so defensive of myself. It was a tough experience, I believe that growing up with an abusive father did affect me emotionally and mentally. I will be doing research on how does observing domestic violence has an affect on children and how does it affect them later on in life. In my personal experience, I’ve become independent and emotionally strong now.

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