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Homework answers / question archive / MGT 410 Homework Set 3 Provide a short answer to each of the following questions

MGT 410 Homework Set 3 Provide a short answer to each of the following questions


MGT 410

Homework Set 3

Provide a short answer to each of the following questions.


  1. Use a cause and effect diagram to develop a list of potential causes for each of the following:
    1. Failure to earn an A on an examination.
    2. You consistently arrive late for class or work.
    3. You consistently slice when hitting a golf ball with your driver.
    4. Your table lamp fails to light when you turn the switch on.


  1. Prepare a flow chart for getting to work or school in the morning. Discuss areas for improvement revealed by the flow chart.


  1. You have collected the following data from customer comment cards at your restaurant. Construct a Pareto diagram to show which of the problems should be investigated first. Show the cumulative frequency line on your diagram.

                        Comment                     Frequency

                        Dirty dishes                   11

                        Dirty silverware             18

                        Inattentive service         98

                        Cold food                      23

                        Wrong order                 5

                        Overpriced                    35

                        Long wait                      4


  1. Use the following data to construct a scatter diagram. Does there appear to be a relationship between hours of overtime and number of rejects? Discuss.

                        Hours of Overtime                   Number of Rejects

                                    127                                           33

                                     90                                           25

                                     95                                           23

                                    160                                           40

                                     10                                           9

                                     80                                           19

                                     27                                           14

                                    103                                           28

                                     48                                           19

                                     65                                           31


  1. Your boss has asked you to evaluate the reject percentage for the past year on one of the production lines. Use the following data to construct a run chart. Does there appear to be a pattern in the change in reject rate over the year?

                        Month              Reject %

                        January            3.7

                        February           3.3

                        March               3.1

                        April                  3.5

                        May                  3.3

                        June                 2.7

                        July                  3.0

                        August              2.3

                        September        2.5

                        October                        2.2

                        November         1.6

                        December         1.7

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