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Homework answers / question archive / Knowledge Assessment Lesson 22 Multiple Choice Select one or more correct answers for each of the following questions

Knowledge Assessment Lesson 22 Multiple Choice Select one or more correct answers for each of the following questions

Computer Science

Knowledge Assessment Lesson 22

Multiple Choice

Select one or more correct answers for each of the following questions.

1)    Which of the following are true regarding system restore points? (Choose all that apply.)

a.     Create them on a monthly basis.

b.     Create them prior to performing a major system event.

c.     Windows 8.1 creates them every 7 days if one has not been created during that time period.

d.     Windows 8.1 creates them every 3 days if one has not been created during that time period.

2.     You want to boot into Safe Mode on Windows 8.1. Which of the following could you use? (Choose all that apply.)

a.     Click Change PC Settings > General > Click Restart Now under Advanced Startup

b.     Press F8 during startup

c.     Press F9 during startup

d.     Type shutdown /r /o in the Run dialog box

3.     Which of the following tools would you use to create a system image that can be used for PC Refresh?

a.     Windows 8 File Recovery

b.     File History

c.     Reimg.exe

d.     Recimg.exe

4.     Which option would you recommend to make sure your Windows 8.1 desktop applications are not lost during a restore?

a.     PC Reset

b.     PC Refresh with recimg.exe

c.     PC Reset with recimg.exe

d.     PC Refresh with recoverimg.exe

5.     Which of the following will create an HTML file on your desktop that contains links to web sites for your desktop applications?

a.     PC Reset

b.     Recimg.exe

c.     PC Refresh

d.     PC Reset with recimg.exe





6.     What entity is responsible for making sure driver files for Windows 8.1 are compatible with the operating system and will NOT impact the stability of the operating system?

a.     Microsoft

b.     Windows Hardware Quality Labs

c.     Windows Software Quality Labs

d.     Windows Quality Driver Labs

Best Answer

Choose the letter that corresponds to the best answer. More than one answer choice may achieve the goal. Select the BEST answer.

1.         A user calls the help desk and indicates their Windows 8.1 computer is failing right after they enter their logon credentials. Other complaints from users indicate the problem is related to a new program that is in the Startup Group. Which option is the best approach to use to resolve the problem in the most efficient way?

a.     Use a system restore point to return the system to a previous point in time when it was functioning.

b.     Perform a complete Restore.

c.     Boot into Safe Mode and use the Task Manager to disable the new program.

d.     Use PC Reset.

2.         A user wants to be able to restore desktop applications on a Windows 8.1 computer should a problem occur in the future. Which combination of tools will make the process as simple as possible and require the least amount of administrative effort?

a.     Create an image with the Recovery Drive Wizard.

b.     Run Recimg.exe and use PC Refresh

c.     Run a PC Reset

d.     Run Recimg.exe only

3.         A user is unable to log in to a Windows 8.1 client computer. Which option will provide access as quickly as possible, to begin the troubleshooting process?

a.     Boot from a Windows 8.1 Recovery drive

b.     Select the Windows logo key + I

c.     Select the Windows logo key + R and type shutdown /r /o

d.     Restart and press F8

4.         A user makes major changes to a Windows 8.1 client computer every two days. How frequently should the user create a system restore point?

a.     Every 2 days

b.     Let Windows 8.1 create it automatically based on its default schedule

c.     Every 5 days

d.     Every day

5.         A user has just completed a PC Refresh on a Windows 8.1 computer. What is the best way to reinstall the desktop applications that were removed during the refresh?

a.     Refer to your notes on what was originally installed on the computer.

b.     Contact your system administrator to see if they can provide a software inventory of what was on the system prior to the refresh.

c.     Refer to the HTML file on the desktop that was created as part of the refresh process.

d.     Ask the user of the computer what was originally installed on their system.

Matching and Identification

  1.  Complete the following exercise by matching the terms with their corresponding definitions.

_1__                a)    Recimg.exe

_3__                b)    PC Reset

_5__                c)     PC Refresh

_2__                d)    Restore Point

_6__                e)     Driver Rollback

__4_                f)     Registry

Build a List

  1.  In order of first to last, specify the six steps used to roll back a device driver:



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