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Homework answers / question archive / Networking and data communication Background Information1

Networking and data communication Background Information1

Computer Science

Networking and data communication

Background Information1.1 ORGANIZATIONAL PROFILE

Minoa Elementary School is a public school located in Minoa, NY in the East Syracuse-Minoa School District. We currently have student enrollment of 300+ students and a staff

count of 45. There are 21 classrooms, cafeteria, gymnasium and 1 office. Each grade hasone computer for staff use. Teachers and administration utilize very old, primarily XP, withseveral W7 desktops.The school has received approval through the East Syracuse-Minoa School District toupgrade their current network infrastructure. Various Federal and State technology grantsand discounts including the Smart Bond Act of 2014 and the Federal CommunicationsCommission E-rate Program discounts have been secured toward that end.

The school’s goals are to build a sense of confidence in every child, instill a child’s self-resect and respect for others, to create an environment that fosters inquisitiveness and

drive, to foster a positive relationship between parents and teachers in the educationalprocess, to maintain small classroom sizes, to extend discovery and knowledge beyondtraditional curriculum, set academic standards that challenge students’ grow personally andacademically, provide teaching staff with the most current and up to date skills, equipmentand training to aid their students’ success, and provide residents of the district with aqualified staff of teachers.1

1.2 Overview of Current Network

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