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Homework answers / question archive / 1)A client is demonstrating heat stroke manifestations

1)A client is demonstrating heat stroke manifestations


1)A client is demonstrating heat stroke manifestations.  Identify three (3) manifestations of this condition and three (3) interventions that need to be implemented.


  1. The nurse is reinforcing to the client the use of Kegel exercises for stress incontinence.  Provide two ( points to discuss with the client when reinforcing Kegel exercises in management of stress incontinence.


  1. What are three ( anxiety reduction techniques a nurse can utilize with a client when the client demonstrates stress and unease?


  1. ?A nurse has orders to obtain a blood sample to monitor blood glucose levels.  Prior to obtaining a blood sample, list two (2) components to review in the client's medication profile.


  1. ?A client is receiving atenolol for blood pressure control. Identify two (2) adverse effects.


  1. The client admitted with suspected Viral Meningitis has the following laboratory reports: WBC: 10,000/mm3, ESR: 28 mm/hr, Protime: 12 seconds, BNP: 88 ng/L. Which laboratory report indicates an active inflammatory process?


  1. The client has fallen and the nurse is assessing for injuries. Which of the following injuries is the priority and needs further evaluation? Large painful ecchymotic area on left forearm skin tear 1 centimeter  in length to left temple. Left leg that is externally rotated. Crepitus felt over left knee upon movement.


  1. A nurse removed an intravenous catheter from the client's arm and notes that the catheter tip was not intact. What is the initial action of the nurse?


  1. A client with a productive cough is to receive chest physiotherapy. What is the nurse's priority in relation to this treatment?


  1. A nurse is caring for a client with hyponatremia. What manifestations should the nurse anticipate?


  1. ?A client has a new prescription for crutches. What instructions should the nurse reinforce to the client about proper use of crutches?


  1. ?A nurse is caring for an elderly client who is has a stage 3 pressure ulcer.  What should the nurse reinforce in nutritional education to promote wound healing?


  1. ?A nurse is reinforcing dietary teaching for the parents of a toddler.  Identify two (2) recommendation that the nurse should include.


  1. A graduate nurse is caring for a client with a paralytic ileus who has a prescription for a nasogastric tube. What steps for nasogastric tube insertion should the nurse review with the charge nurse?



  1. ?A client with a prescription for a continuous positive airway pressure asks the nurse what occurs during sleep apnea. What information should the nurse reinforce regarding sleep apnea with the client?


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