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Homework answers / question archive / Human Resource Management 316 Program Planning and Methods in Adult Learning (Rev

Human Resource Management 316 Program Planning and Methods in Adult Learning (Rev


Human Resource Management 316

Program Planning and Methods in Adult Learning (Rev. C3)

Assignment 2 Instructional Methods

You will design and deliver an instructional activity for adult learners using one or more of the instructional methods discussed in Unit 3. You can choose from the list of techniques provided by Caffarella & Daffron in Exhibit 8.E. Exercises 8.1-8.4 will help you with this process. Please submit your instructional plans (see Exhibits 8.L and 8.M and exercise 8.4 for examples), any handouts or materials you develop, any visual aids you use, any transfer of learning plans you develop, etc.

The topic of your lesson is up to you; you do not need to present a lesson about your instructional technique ( i.e you could use a small group discussion instructional method to present an activity about ethnic cooking or starting your own book club or being a more efficient student).

After you develop your lesson, deliver it to co-workers, community members, employees, volunteers, or another group of adult learners in your workplace or community. Write and submit a 2- or 3-page reflective paper about delivering your lesson .Here are some questions to consider in your paper:

  • What did you learn about the process of developing an instructional activity?
  • How were the tools provided in the textbook helpful? If you thought the tools provided in the textbook were not helpful, explain why you thought that way.
  • How did your chosen instructional method reflect your learning objectives?
  • What did you learn about delivering an activity?
  • Did everything go as you planned, or did you have to make changes?
  • How did the learners respond to the activity?

What are your strengths as a facilitator or instructor?  

Your assignment should include three elements:

  1. Instructional Plan
  2. Reflective paper
  3. Handouts or materials you develop, visual aids you use, transfer of learning plans you develop, etc.

Please ensure that you cite the source of any materials that you directly quote or paraphrase in your assignment.



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Please read these articles:

Pratt(Good teaching: one size fits all?)

Gadbow(Teaching all learners as if they are special)

Heimlich and Norland (Teaching style:-Where are we now?

Johnson Bailey, J., & Carvero, R.(1997).Negotiating power dynamics in workshops. New Directions for Adult and continuing education,76, 41-50.doi:10.1002/ace.7604.

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