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Homework answers / question archive / Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: Scientific Pedagogy be Montessori

Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: Scientific Pedagogy be Montessori


Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: Scientific Pedagogy be Montessori. The teachers in the new approach, first of all, have to develop a scientific spirit and familiarize themselves with how to use the new instruments. For this, they need to train themselves how to move their hands and arms to use these instruments.

Montessori does not believe in the trifling attraction of prizes or in the fear perpetuated through punishment. On the other hand, he holds that great and victorious people are never spurred to their task by either prizes or punishments.

Collective lesson refers to children learning the idea of collective order through disciplinary exercises that help them to discern both good and evil. According to Montessori, collective lessons should be very rare as they are of secondary importance.

The lesson should be characterized by brevity, simplicity, and objectivity. The lesson becomes more perfect when the teacher avoids useless words, becomes more objective, and sustains the interests of children.

Collective discipline is obtained in the Children’s House very easily as children are specially trained to hold their peace and remain in absolute silence. Children remain obedient and follow the orders like anxious explorers. On the other hand, in public schools, commanding collective discipline in the classroom is a tedious task for the teacher as it is extremely difficult to establish harmony among diverse instruments and voices.

Montessori’s view on Child’s Psychology emphasizes the need to make an interior conquest of the child as a human soul rather than trying to dominate him through force, artificiality or violence. He also asks to value child love and knowledge.

Children learn to use didactic materials on their own through errors. The child corrects himself and the teacher is not supposed to interfere in the learning process. The educational importance of didactic materials lies in their ability to trigger errors and once the child has mastered the use of a particular didactic material it becomes useless for him.

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