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an research paper on near field communications, features of iam 2


an research paper on near field communications, features of iam 2. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. “iAM application” is very useful and effective in executing eWallet when processing secure payments. This is very crucial when the end-user wants to make payments using his or her online payment methods. Through the use of iAm, the user will be guaranteed to make secure payments because the user is authorized through the use of his identity and he can easily interact with the application at ensuring that all factors are taken into consideration which allows only the right access.

With the advancements in technology in different sectors, “iAM application has proved to be essential and used in allowing keyless access to homes, office, parking, cars as well as the ability to ignite engines. Through the use of this application, users are able to access their facilities, equipment without using keys or any other device. It allows individuals access without using gadgets as it brings onboard features that allow the individual or a group of users to get access. What an individual need is to stay at some distance and allow the application to detect the user.

Other essential functions of this application are that it stores passwords for login into websites and credit card information. This will improve the security as well as promote the recovery of passwords without the end-user undergoing much wastage of time. Similarly, the storage of passwords allows the user to save on time as one login to sites that may be demanding and time-consuming. The encryption of data is also important as it uses a language that only the user is able to understand hence keeping away imposers. As a result of this, there is high security of the information which are used in access management. Additionally, the support of cloud services is important, as the “iAM application” is able to store more information that can be retrieved at any time an individual wish. It also has data backups as well as increased security, as cloud services are effective in reducing time wastage and in promoting data recovery.

Near field communication (NFC) is defined as a set of standards that are used by smartphones in establishing radio communications between two gadgets through&nbsp.touching them or bringing them together at a closer distance.

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